Avengers Assemble!

Friday night my husband and I saw The Avengers. It was awesome. It was fun. It was entertaining. It had great dialogue. Every character had great moments. There were plenty of nods to the comic book history of the characters as well as the recent movie incarnations.

And Chris Evans looks awesome in sweat pants. Just sayin’.

(and for those of you who don’t drool over men, there was plenty for you, too. And not just Scarlet Johansen’s Black Widow– Cobie Smulders was a**-kicking in both the action and beauty departments)

In fact, Cobie provided a bit of a distraction in the opening scene. “Why is Robin Shabatski following Nick Fury around?” I wondered to myself (referring to Cobie’s character on the television comedy, How I Met Your Mother). By the end of the big fight/chase/massive destruction of property scene, she had ceased to be Robin in my mind.

(Which later in the weekend caused some cognitive dissonance when I watched an old ep of the comedy show from the season where Robin and Barney {Neal Patrick Harris} were an item. On the other hand, of all the characters on the show, Barney “Legen- wait for it -dary” Stinson is the most likely to catch a SHIELD agent.)

I expected, when we saw our friend Chuck later in the weekend, to hear how awesome he thought the movie was. I hadn’t expected to be stopped by co-workers, “You’re a comics/ sci-fi, right? Did you see how awesome Avengers was?” this morning.

Some critics will focus on the effects, but what made the story work were the characters. Joss Whedon understands the importance of team dynamics, and how to make viewers empathize with those characters and care about what happens to them. Plus he loves the heroic metagenre in which these characters live.

One of his issues/obsessions does crop up. But unlike some of his previous indulgences in it, for this story and the characters involved, it didn’t feel like a stunt, but a natural part of the story. Nick Fury’s cynical exploit of it within the story helped with that (and fits perfect with how that character has evolved).

And Joss also found ways to make the Hulk a character the audience (in our theater literally) cheer for. That’s nearly a miracle!

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