Goals, damn goals, and resolutions

When I set my goals for this year, I pledged to do monthly updates, since the years I’ve done that has resulted in better results than years I haven’t. So, we’ve survived the first month of 2017. How did I do?

My specific tasks for January were:

  • While packing away Christmas stuff, reduce the number of RoughTote™ containers full of old ornaments, et al, by at least two. Done! Hauled two loads to Value Village and Goodwill, plus a really big box to a recycler!
  • Figure out Writers’ Night schedule. We’ve got the first two months sorted out, but with all the uncertainty, haven’t quite got the rest of the year done.
  • Write at least four blog posts about things I like. I wrote at least six. Woo hoo!
  • Make a list of places that post calls for submissions. I have a list, but it doesn’t seem long enough. Still, I have a start!
  • Finish the current stage of the copy edit pass. I didn’t quite get through the list of items I had identified for this month, but I got more than half done.
  • Finish going through the bookcases in the computer room, and get through at least one filing cabinet. I did not get as far is this as I hoped.
  • Write at least one blog post about organizations we can donate to that are fighting the good fight. I almost forgot this one because I didn’t list in in the January tasks, but rather as part of one of the over all as a monthly thing. But I did it at nearly the last day, so I’m counting it!

My overall goals for the year, where I’m trying to follow the idea of replacing bad habits with better ones:

Don’t get mad, get busy. My tasks are: write about about things I love; listen to music and audiobooks more and podcasts less; spend at least half of my lunch break writing; set specific monthly writing/editing goals in each check-in; write at least one blog post a month about organizations we can donate to that are fighting the good fight.

I did pretty well on this one. Work has been so busy that I’m often skimping on my lunch break, so not getting that writing time in.

Reduce, pack, and prioritize. We now officially know that we have to find a new place to live this year. We have lots of stuff to go through and decide what to discard and what to pack.

We made progress, but these tasks are always bigger than you think they are.

Take care of us. My initial tasks are related to some specific medical things that aren’t urgent, but need to be dealt with. I am going to remain vague on the details of this one.

We both made progress on this. I feel only a little guilty that half of my accomplishment this month was to nag my husband until he made the appropriate doctor appointments. But I had my own appointments to make and follow-up, so we’re both in this together. I need to find a way to keep the craziness at work from sapping so much of my energy, though.

Because of the deplorable events that Not My President kicked off on Friday, news was so upsetting that on Saturday night I shut down twitter on my laptop, and put my phone and iPad on chargers in another room and made myself work on edits without looking at the internet again until morning. I got through a lot of work, and slept better than I have been for quite some time. So I need to unplug more often, clearly.

Submit and publish. Initial task was to organize how I’m going to find calls for submission and set reasonable targets for the novel revision/finalization.

I have a list to start with. I got through part of my pile of notes on the novel. I think I have a better handle on how much I can get done a month while working on these other tasks.

Finally, my specific tasks for February are:

  • Get through the rest of the bookcases in the computer room.
  • Figure out Writers’ Night schedule for at least the following couple of months.
  • Write at least four blog posts about things I like.
  • Expand the list of places to find calls for submissions and write one new story.
  • Finish the current stage of the copy edit pass. There is a list of unfinished tasks with specific piles of pages of prioritized notes.
  • Disconnect from the internet at least one night a week so I can concentrate on writing and editing.

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