Friday Five (florida man makes announcement edition)

Welcome to the third Friday of November!

Busy and stressful week at work. Trying to rewrite a novel and keep up my word count for NaNoWriMo the rest of the time. And then there was a pair of family emergencies.

Let’s move on to this week’s Friday Five, shall we? This week I bring you: one story/quiz that needed its own category, the top five stories of the week you, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about privileged idiots, and five stories about deplorable people (plus some notable obituaries).

This Week in Can You Guuss:

Who Said It: Elon Musk or Mr. Burns? – The Simpsons character and the guy ruining Twitter often sound a lot alike

Stories of the Week:

Speaker Pelosi says she will step down as party leader after two decades at the top – Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s announcement paves the way for a new generation of Democratic lawmakers to fill the leadership ranks

US approves largest dam removal in history to save endangered salmon – Four dams on California-Oregon border to be decommissioned on Klamath River, which fish use to reach spawning grounds

Fossils of car-sized dinosaur-era sea turtle unearthed in Spain

Congress Is Going To Officially Protect Same-Sex Marriage. Here’s What The Bill Does And Doesn’t Do

Homeland Security Admits It Tried to Manufacture Fake Terrorists for Trump – A new Homeland Security report details orders to connect protesters arrested in Portland to one another in service of the Trump’s imaginary antifa plot

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Trans woman hopes underwear line will aid safety – A trans woman who had to resort to drastic measures to conceal her genitals hopes her own line of underwear and swimwear can help keep the trans community safe

How A ‘Rainbow Wave’ Of LGBTQ+ Officials Can Help Address Three Crucial Issues

This Incoming Gay Congressman Is Coming for Marjorie Taylor Greene

Mormon church endorses marriage equality bill as Republicans continue to freak out – Mormons gave millions to fight against marriage equality over the last few decades. Why are they supporting this bill now?

Randy Rainbow Gets Grammy Nom, Up Against Dave Chappelle & Louis CK

This week in Spoiled Brats:

“Florida Man Makes Announcement”: New York Post Buries Donald Trump’s 2024 Announcement As Others In GOP Shun Mar-A-Lago Event

Stephen Colbert on Trump’s 2024 bid launch: ‘Even his family didn’t show’ – Late-night hosts talk Trump’s 2024 presidential announcement at Mar-a-Lago, absent most of his children or GOP politicians

Welcome to hell, Elon – You break it, you buy it

Tucker Carlson goes on an incoherent rant as his colleagues start trashing Trump

GOP Candidate Loses To Mom, Gets Charged With Rape – South Dakota GOP House Candidate Bud May lost his election bid to his mother, then gets charged with second degree rape

This Week in the Liars, Traitors, and Other Deplorables:

GOP Flack Guilty Of Funneling Russian Money To Trump – Jesse Benton convicted of steering Russian Roman Vasilenko’s money to Trump

End of the Road? – New Mexico Supreme Court Upholds Ouster Of Cowboys For Trump Tool From Office: Insurrectionists Can’t Serve

Texas Man Seen Carrying Zip Ties in Capitol Building on Jan. 6 Convicted of Felony, Misdemeanors at Trial

An Oath Keeper Took the Stand in Her Own Defense. It Went Badly. – “We didn’t have a free and fair election.”

Judge says Michael Flynn must testify in Ga. election probe

In Memoriam:

Beloved ‘Batman’ Voice Actor Kevin Conroy Dies After Cancer Battle

As Batman, Kevin Conroy’s Humanity Was His Greatest Weapon

Hogan’s Heroes Star and Auschwitz Survivor Robert Clary Dead at 96


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