I hate when I do that

So I forgot to do something with one of my deliverables at work, and we discovered an ommission. We were running this project a few bodies short in every department, and I was also having to do some tool development that had been budgetted in another project that was put on hold, so things were crazy. Several other people who should have noticed all missed it.

And my fabulous boss, who has almost a psychic ability to see problems before they happen, is on maternity leave.

Fortunately, it was discovered before things went to the customer, and we’re in the midst of fixing it, but I still feel like an idiot for letting this happen.

Things slip by us all the time, but this involved me missing the sort of thing I normally don’t. And, particularly given the medical history of three of my grandparents, any mental lapse always makes at least a small part of me panic. Is this a sign?

Or were we all just overworked, trying to do things faster than usual to get this project out of the way for new projects?

Given I wasn’t the only one who missed it, I realize it is probably the latter. Still.

I hate when I forget things.

Earlier this week, someone either in a conversation or online, mention a music album that I thought I should look into buying. I remember feelinig quite strongly that I would like to have it. I think, vaguely, that it may have been something I owned long ago… Or perhaps it featured a musician I haven’t heard in a long time? I don’t know, but I was certain I should get it, and resolved to look into it at the soonest opportunity.

And for the life of me, I can’t remember what it was.

Or, a few weeks ago at the Brony Dinner my hubby organized, someone mentioned a name which made me go, “If that isn’t a domain name, it ought to be.” and someone else thought they could think ofsome good content for it. Several someones agreed it was a great idea. “It’s not like I don’t own several domains already,” I said. “I ought to snag that one.”

Again, I don’t have the slightest clue what it was.

And I’m not completely certain that it was at the Brony meet. Maybe it was at Writers’ Night? I remember the conversation, but not who said what.

And I had one more example…. That I’ll write about just as soon as I remember what it was. ^_^

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