On the shores of a blue C…

Currently, Wednesday is my work-from-home day, so Wednesday is the day I give my hubby a ride to work, then pick him up at the end of the day. Which usually means we go out for dinner that night. There’s a Blue C Sushi right on the route from his work back home, so if neither of us is craving a specific thing, we often stop there.

I love sushi bars with conveyor belts. I can watch the little plates of sushi go by for hours. Unless I’m super hungry, in which case I’ll grab the first thing that looks the slightest bit appetizing and eat that, first. Then I’ll watch, being indecisive for varying periods of time. The conveyor is like dinner and a show, all in one! Or maybe I’m just too easily amused.

I usually wind up taking pictures of Michael while we’re at dinner. My grandmother is probably looking down from heaven, appalled that I’m tweeting, taking pictures, and looking things up on the internet while we’re at the dinner table. That’s right, I’ve turned into one of THOSE people.

Blue C CosmoBut since we’re both geeks, I guess it’s okay, right?

On the other hand, I sometimes manage to take a picture that seems sort of artistic. Or maybe I’m just deluding myself. Maybe I’m at least entertaining.

My new glasses finally arrived today. They had some problems at the lab. While I was picked frames, a bit over four weeks ago, I realized at one point that I had three candidates selected that were all nearly identical to each other, and nearly identical to my old glasses. The change in the lenses is only slight, so I plan to hang onto the old pair as a backup. It would be best if I could easily tell the old ones from the new. Also, what’s the point of getting new ones if they’re going to look exactly the same as the old ones?

Me in new specsApparently the retro look is supposed to be back in. There were a lot of pairs of the old horned-rim style glasses at the shop, some quite expensive, but looking like something from my childhood. I put one pair on while I was selecting, and looked in the mirror. My dad looked back out of the mirror at me, and it was a disturbing moment. I eventually settled on a pair that look quite different from the rimless pewter wire frames I had before, with a bit of the retro look, but not nearly as pronounced as the others. And you can’t tell in this picture, but they are a rather nice blue.

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