I’ve got my love to keep me warm

Our good friend, C.D. Woodbury, who happens to be the man officiating our elopement today, had a gig with his band last night, which we’d already been planning to attend with friends. When I realized earlier in the week that it would be the night before the elopement, I started referring to the planned excursion as our bachelor party.

C.D. Woodbury Band performing at Grinders Hot Sands.
C.D. Woodbury Band performing at Grinders Hot Sands.

The band has recently been recording an album of all original songs, and this was their first gig after laying all the principal tracks. So they premiered several of their original songs. It was a fun evening with friends, great music, great food, and great beer at Grinders Hot Sands in north Seattle.

I’d heard from several people that the bread pudding at Grinders was a religious experience. Bread pudding is not on my diet, so I didn’t order it the last time we’d been there (to hear the same band play some months back). Of course, the meatball sandwich isn’t really on my diet, either, but…

Michael ordered the bread pudding, and told me to have at least a bite. I ended up eating most of it because the whisky sauce was stronger than he had expected. He’s never been fond of the taste of alcohol. For the record: the bread pudding is like a religious experience. It is awesome.

Listening to a blues band (a great blues band, and I’m not just saying that because they’re friends) with a bunch of friends is more my kind of bachelor party than any of the stereotypical activities.

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