Eyes on the road

Cat driving.
Just trying to get somewhere.
Some days I wonder who has stolen the brains of all the other drivers. Recently, while I was giving my hubby a ride to work (one of my favorite parts of work-from-home day is taking him to work, because that means I need to go pick him up at the end of the day, which means I see him sooner!), just a few blocks from our house, a driver, rather than pulling into the middle turn lane to make a left turn, instead turned sideways, blocking both the middle lane and our lane. That’s when I should have realized that it wasn’t Friday, no it was Stick Out Into Traffic Day.

I barely avoided four accidents on my return trip as:

  1. A woman in a parked car flung her door open right in front of me without looking. Yes, she has to open the door to get out after parking, but when the two-lane road is that narrow, you should look before opening the door. If there had been a car in the next lane, or if my reflexes had been slightly slower, BAM!
  2. A delivery truck maneuvering in a parking lot suddenly shot out into the traffic lanes. The driver was not looking to see if anyone was coming, he had his head turned around looking at the spot he was trying to back into. If you’re backing up, yes, look back, but if you have to go forward again to maneuver for a better shot at the back up, look forward! Again, fortunately there was no one in the lane beside me and I dodged in time.
  3. A man in a parked car flung his door open right in front of a bicyclist just ahead of me. Cyclist had quick reflexes and I had time to tap my brakes. But if I had been closer, or had been passing the cyclist, it would have been horrible. Again, if you’re in a parked car, look before you open the door!
  4. A man in a smaller car pulled out of a side street in front of me without bothering to look until he was in the lane, and then in a panic slammed on his brakes. Just as I came to a halt before hitting him myself.

Everyone makes mistakes. I still have nightmares of a few times where I didn’t see someone crossing a street until almost too late. Maybe it just happened to be four instances of momentary lapses that day.

Except it feels as if I’m seeing more and more of this. Maybe it’s just a big case of confirmation bias, but it certainly feels as if people aren’t being drilled with the basics of looking before you step out, or turn, or pull out, or…

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