If we sits…

copyright © 2014 Gene Bresheas
New couch is flat black, so not easy to see, here.
We bought a new couch this weekend. Our old couch was a queen-sized inner spring futon mattress on a couch frame. Michael picked it out mid-2001 after putting off replacing the old hand-me-down couch Ray and I had owned for who knows how long. We went with the futon because some friends had recently purchased an inner-spring futon mattress for one of their guest rooms, and it was one of the most comfy couches I had sat on.

The first several years we had the futon, it was a nice, comfy couch. It has become less and less so since.

So we’ve been overdue to replace it, and as these sorts of household chores can go, we just kept forgetting and procrastinating. Finally on Sunday we managed to get done with laundry and other things in time to head up to a store that sells these things and get there before closing time. It didn’t take us long to pick one out, though we did have to hurry to drive down to the warehouse near the U-village to actually pick up the futon. It’s amazing how tiny (comparatively) they can package these things thanks to vacuum shrink-wrapping.

The model we got is a flat black with microfiber outer shell. We also ordered a custom cover, which will be a plush violet when it arrives. For now it doesn’t look terribly interesting, but it feels really nice to sit on.

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      1. Okay, that’s weird… I’m not seeing anything from you there. I wonder if DW is having problems.

  1. And I’m an idiot who apparently is failing reading comprehension. ALMOST made the comment. *facepalm*

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