Oh, no, not again

Except I’m too grumpy to remember to say please.
I was a little worried last Thursday, because my hay fever symptoms were pretty severe, but when I went to record them in an app on my phone that I use for tracking my allergies, I saw that the pollen count that day was significantly lower than it had been the day before. But my symptoms weren’t any worse Friday morning, so I was ready to just chalk it up to random chance.

Then I logged into the work network (Friday being my usual work-from-home day), and there was a message from my boss asking everyone to sign time sheets early because he was very sick and was heading home.

But, again, my symptoms didn’t get any worse that day. And I didn’t feel any different Saturday morning. Until a few hours after I got up, when for no apparent reason I suddenly felt super tired and absolutely had to sit down right now… I conked out for a bit more than an hour. When I woke up, my throat was a little scratchy.

I kept running out of energy and being attacked by naps the rest of the day. The pollen count was pretty high, so I kept telling myself it was only hay fever.

Sunday morning I woke up with super bad headache, really sore throat, and body cramps. So, I cancelled our plans for the day.

I continued to have the random nap attacks. I’d developed a fever by Sunday night.

I stayed home from work on Monday, though I logged in and got more than half a day’s worth of work done. When I called in for one of my meetings that day, I learned that several co-workers were working from home because they were sick, and at least a couple had just called in sick and weren’t working at all.

I still had a sore throat and a mild fever Tuesday morning, so I worked from home again. I didn’t have any nap attacks, and by evening the sore throat was merely a scratchy throat. I’m hoping this means I’m getting over the cold.

Despite all of that, I managed to get a decent amount of writing done. I signed up for Camp NaNoWriMo as an incentive to finish off the first draft of my current novel in progress. I was very close to the end, and figured it could be done in a month. I completed the climactic battle, and am now writing denouement scenes. So while I may miss the midnight deadline, I’ve probably wrapped the draft.

Knock wood.

4 thoughts on “Oh, no, not again

  1. Haven’t you and Michael taken (and shared) turns being sick pretty much all of this year so far? It seems like this year has been one long cold and/or flu season in Seattle!

    1. I went seven whole weeks without being sick!

      Several folks are still out sick at my work. One of my co-workers worked from home today because she was sick, but she’s a product manager and deadlines loom, so she called in. At one point in the meeting another co-worker offered to, if she would type her answers into IM, read them for her, because we were all having horrible sympathy pains in our throats listening to her croak.

  2. Sounds like you have the Cold of Doom. Take it easy and rest and don’t be surprised if it hangs on for weeks. Auntie is 2 ½ weeks into it and still coughing– though her energy level is better. I’m a week behind her in symptoms and can breathe through my nose again but my throat is still so sore that I’m very excited when the timer goes off that reminds me that I can take my next does of medication.

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