Oops! All thumbs!

Cat looking at a Macbook.

This may or may not be an accurate representation of me writing.

I was trying to edit a draft post this morning, and I clicked the Publish button when I was reaching for the Update Draft button.

Which sends out notification e-mails to everyone who follows the block, cross-posts, and so on, and so on.


Anyway, please enjoy this video of the teen-ager who decided to give his Great-grandmother the Prom experience she never got as a kid:

(You may need some kleenex while you watch.)


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I've loved reading for as long as I can remember. I write fantasy, science fiction, mystery, and nonfiction. I used to publish an anthropomorphic sci-fi/space opera literary fanzine. I attend and work on the staff for several anthropormorphics, anime, and science fiction conventions. I live near Seattle with my wonderful husband, still completely amazed that he puts up with me at all.

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