Why I hate hay fever, reason number 5912

Except I’m too grumpy to remember to say please.
It’s been a while since my eyes were so red, swollen, and itchy that sunlight through the curtains on the bright side of the house hurts my eyes. And rarely is the sinus congestion and pain so bad that my teeth hurt. But this week I get both!

There’s never a good time to be incapacitated by allergies, but this week I have a zillion deadlines at work, and my boss is out of the country under circumstances where he’s not available even via e-mail. So I’m scrambling to make my deadlines and hoping that my brain isn’t too fogged up to get things done.

Which means what mental energy I have is all going into work this week, and not to my personal writing or to any non-work projects. I only took three naps to get through Tuesday and two showers. It’s amazing how good it feels to hold your head under a stream of hot water when you’re so congested that even your teeth ache.

A shower is truly a magical invention.

I wish I had something profound to say. Other than, pass me a kleenix, please?

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