Lavender ice

copyright 2014 Gene Breshears

The mini fridge in our hotel room was a bit cooler than it needed to be. Froze one of my Lavender Dry sodas!

For many years when we visit Longview, the town where I attended high school, I’ve been renting rooms at one particular Red Lion hotel that’s just a few miles from my Grandma’s house. The hotel isn’t in Longview, it’s technically in the neighboring town of Kelso. But it’s a nice hotel, and the two towns literally run into each other. The fastest route from the hotel to my Grandma’s house includes driving up a road on the boundary. Buildings on one side of the road are in Kelso, those on the other side are in Longview.

Once, only once, I got a room in a different place, a motel even closer to Grandma’s. It cost just as much as a night at the Red Lion, but the rooms were tinier, and everything in the hotel was cheaper looking/feeling.

Among the things I like about the hotel we usually stay it is they have a small microwave and a minifridge (one of the 3-feet tall ones) in every room. So we can bring some food things with us to make in the room. This time, among the things I brought was a four-pack of Dry’s Lavender Soda.

We were sharing the hotel with several college baseball teams, along with assorted parents and other hangers-on, attended the regional playoff tournament being hosted at one of my alma maters, Lower Columnbia College. I didn’t find out until we got to Seattle that the hotel we were staying at was the official hotel of the tournament—it’s the hotel they sent you to (with special rates) at the web site where you bought tickets for the tournament. The hotel was more crowded and busier than it usually is when we’re there. It wasn’t anything like being in a party wing at sci fi con or anything, but there was more incidental noise at weird times than usual.

Copyright 2014 Gene Breshears

The bottle cap popped off, along with this little “cork” of frozen soda.

So, our last night there, Michael said he was awakened at about 2am by a strange rattling and scraping sound. He said that when he was only halfway to wakefulness he actually thought something was trying to tunnel through the wall behind the big cabinet that the fridge was in. By the time he was fully awake and got up to investigate, the sounds had mostly subsided.

In the morning, we found the frozen bottle of soda, along with some interesting bits of very foamy ice on various parts of the interior of the fridge and the other items in the fridge. Everything in the fridge was a bit colder than you would expect from a fridge, but the one bottle was the only thing frozen.


The bottle on the floor, looking straight down into the mouth of the bottle, there are a lot of carbon bubbles fizzing up. It sounded festive!

We pulled everything out of the fridge, and Michael carried the frozen bottle into the bathroom to thaw out in the sink. The bottle didn’t crack or break. I found the bottle cap in the bottom of the fridge along with the cork-shaped bit of ice that had popped out of the top. I had to take pictures. I’m kind of sad that I didn’t think to take pictures of the weird bits of ice elsewhere in the fridge. They were very fragile, consisting of a lot of air mixed in the ice. They all looked sort of like extruded styrofoam. But they broke apart the moment you touched them.

I noticed, when I went into the bathroom to toss the cork-piece into the sink, that the bottle had, from just a few minutes of exposure to room temperature air, had started fizzing. It was really weird and cool looking. So I had to take another picture.

Copyright 2014 Gene Breshears

You can’t see the fizzing very well in this picture.

The saddest part about all this, besides losing a bottle of my very favorite soda, is that it made me think about how we walked by the new Molly Moon’s ice cream location at the U Village when we went to dinner before hopping on the freeway Friday evening. Though I was very tempted, I knew that getting some ice cream before climbing back into the car and sitting on my butt for a two-and-a-half hour drive would be bad for my blood sugar (at the least). Seeing that frozen lavender soda made me crave some Molly Moon’s honey lavender ice cream even more than usual!

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