Friday Links!
Once more, Friday is upon us. Here’s a collection of news and other things that struck me as worthy of being shared:

How One Trip to the Airport Made Me a Feminist.

Police Bring Wedding Cakes For Wisconsin Gay Couples.

The end of gay history.

No Skynet: Turing test ‘success’ isn’t all it seems.

This map shows every school shooting since Sandy Hook.

Dispelling Myths, Misconceptions and Lies About Gender-Nonconforming Children.

Seattle’s Central District Community Mourns Loss of Two Young Men, Both Reportedly Gay.

Top Anti-Gay Marriage Group And Allies Can’t Handle The Truth

Earth’s Magnetic Flips May Have Triggered Mass Extinctions.

The Catholic Archbishop of Minnesota Claims He Didn’t Know Whether Raping a Child was a Crime in 1984.

Tiny Moon Prometheus Rips-Up Saturn’s Outer Ring.

Oklahoma Tea Party Candidate Supports Stoning Gay People to Death.

Cop Kisses Boyfriend To Piss Off Westboro Baptist Church At D.C. Pride.

Anti-Defamation League Condemns Tony Perkins For ‘Using Holocaust Imagery’ To Attack Gay Rights.

How My Eleven Year Old Son Taught Me That Having a Gay Character in ‘Train Your Dragon’ is Important.

An Astronomical Eloping: How Rare is a “Friday the 13th Honey Moon?”

The Planet With the Seemingly Never-Ending Year.

Two Activists in Mormon Church Threatened With Excommunication.

Southern Baptists Vote: Are Trans People Part of God’s Design?

LGBT struggles go beyond marriage equality.

Van Hollen: Clerks issuing licenses to gay couples could be charged.

“That’s My Baby Til The Day I Die”: Andrea Kelly Speaks On Youngest Child Coming Out As Transgender Male.

Earth’s Moon –“Made the Emergence of Complex Multi-Cellular Life Possible.”

Making new species without sex: Plants can transfer their entire genetic material to a partner in an asexual manner.

Watch: Famous Designers Disown The World’s Most Recognizable Typeface.

“See U Next Tuesday” – MARGARET CHO & ADAM BARTA :

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Neil Patrick Harris stole the show at the tonies::

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Ryan Adamés – As Long As You Love Me:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

DANIEL ROBINSON – “Not Your Boy” :

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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