…fast enough?

Just a bit over three years ago I was thinking about when I should update my laptop. I was using a three-year-old white MacBook. It was the low end product back then, but it had been a big improvement over my previous machine. At the time I acquired it, my laptop was a secondary machine, used when we traveled and such, but my desktop computer was still my workhorse.

But over the three years I’d had the MacBook, my writing habits had changed a lot. Most of my writing, and a lot of other computer work, was happening on the laptop. Part of it was simply the convenience of being able to write kicked back in the recliner.

But I had bought the low end laptop precisely because I hadn’t meant it to become my primary machine. So I was setting aside money and thinking about when Apple was likely to next update the laptops.

And then my MacBook’s screen started flickering, and the performance seemed to be getting a lot worse.

My tax refund arrived the same day that I realized the screen flicker was happening more frequently. So when I picked up my husband after work that evening, I said we were going computer shopping.

I picked up a midrange MacBook Pro. It was pretty, shiny, and so much faster than the old MacBook… And as I soon discovered, its more powerful processor made it almost as good at running my more demanding applications (InDesign, Illustrator, et cetera) as my Mac Pro tower.

As applications and the OS have been updated, it has slowed down noticeably, though memory upgrades alleviated that a bit. I had been thinking I might update it this year, after it turned three years old. But Retina MacBook Pro’s with comparable hard disk and memory are much, much more expensive than this one originally set me back… And while I love the look of and lightweight feel of the new MacBook Pros and am deeply envious of my friend, Kehf’s, one downside of the light design is that upgrades require advanced soldering skills. So I’m going to need to save up a bit longer.

My husband has been trying to convince me for months to upgrade my hard disk to a solid state drive, and he finally succeeded this weekend. So Sunday night I started the process of cloning the old drive onto an SSD, and last night my husband swapped the disk.


No, seriously, WOW!!!

It is faster.

So! Much! Faster!

And even when I fired up InDesign and loaded a bunch of large files, while also having my main writing program open, a bunch of tabs in my browser, et cetera, et cetera, it wasn’t lagging.

And it really makes my desktop machine seem slow. You know, my Mac Pro tower with 8 cores of processor and 24 gigs of memory? Like watching a turtle paint.

I know that it won’t be long before I become accustomed to the faster laptop and will be growling and cursing anytime something takes more than a millisecond to finish, but right now it’s awesome.

So, I guess next I need to get a solid state drive to replace the boot drive in the tower, right?

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