Fogged glasses and lost scarves

For two days I worked from home because of the latest gout flare-up. The first day I could barely walk across the house with the assistance of the cane. The second day was much better, but I couldn’t actually get my foot into my good shoes, that’s how swollen it was. The third morning I was limping, but able to get around the house pretty quickly without the cane. So, I was determined to go into the office.

Except because I was having such difficulty walking the last couple days of the holiday weekend and then the next two work days, I never went to the store to pick up things I needed for my work lunches. I knew I had some stuff, but I had not counted on all of the remaining mandarin oranges to have gone quite obviously bad. So I didn’t have any fresh fruit to pack. But I put something together that would work.

Then, after showering and getting dressed, I put my shoes on. It was a bit difficult getting the one on, not because the foot wouldn’t fit, but because the gout was happening on joints in the middle of the foot. The section that we forget even is a joint. Until it can’t move, that it. It was just awkward, but I got it, and I went to tie the shoe and SNAP!

For a millisecond I thought I’d broken the shoelace. Nope. The shoe lace had torn through the shoe. Through the leather upper of the shoe. Just a big ragged hole going from where the lace eyelet should be. So, I pull the shoes off and look at my other options. It so happens that just a few weeks ago I had found a couple of older pairs of shoes that had been kicking around the closet for who knows how long… and I had thrown them away. The shoes I could find that I could get my slightly swollen and very inflexible foot into without hurting were: my bright red tennis shoes, and a pair of caramel and orange suede pseudo tennis shoes. I decided the suede was slightly more appropriate for the office.

I was halfway to the office (using one of my new fancy folding canes) when I decided it was cold enough that I should have worn my scarf. And it would surely be colder on the trip home, since the sun would be down. Usually this time of year if I’m not wearing my favorite dark purple and black scarf it’s inside my work backpack. So I figured I’d be fine for the trip in, and could pull it out of the pack for the trip home. Later, of course, I discovered that the scarf wasn’t in the backpack.

I made the discovery on the bus, after I sat down in a seat where I had the sun in my eyes, and I dug around in the backpack looking for my spare sunglasses. Which also weren’t in the backpack.

This was about the same time that I realized that I had left the new gadget, my fitbit, at the house. Not that I’m doing normal activity right now with the limping and avoiding unnecessary walking, but still.

I remembered when I got to the office that I had also meant to get some silly Christmas-y candy to replace the usually tea- and coffee- based candies I keep in my candy sharing dish.

At least I finally put up my silly cubicle Christmas decorations. If you can call them that. I have a 10″ silver tinsel tree that lights up, and a 7″ purple tinsel three that lights up… and I forget to turn off the purple one, which runs on batteries, when I left the office. So I may have no lights on the purple tree sooner than I expect. I didn’t remember to check my stash of batteries at the office, either, to be sure I had a full set to swap out when these die.

The trip home wasn’t too bad. I didn’t attempt to walk home or even to walk the halfway route. I went to the nearest bus stop (which is still five or six city blocks, two of them up a very steep hill, the others also uphill, but not so steep).

I had already planned to stop at the grocery store on the way home to pick up more of my usual work lunch things, as well as something easy to make for dinner, because nearly everything we had in the freezer was turkey something, and Michael was clearly getting tired of turkey.

I called Michael as soon as I got off the bus to tell him I was going to the store. Went straight to voice mail. So I left him a message and did my shopping. Just as my small number of things were beginning to be scanned, my phone rang. As far as we can figure, Michael had been in one of the checkout lines when I entered the store, so he just didn’t hear his phone ringing over all the noise in the store. And neither of us saw each other. He didn’t notice that he had a message until he got home with the pizza things he’d picked up, so when he called me I was already checking out.

No big deal. The dinner stuff I got can be tonight’s dinner. And the rest was lunch stuff for work. And a collection of chocolate Santas, bells, and the like that I can put in the candy dish.

The moment I walked in the door, my glasses fogged up. So I pulled them off right away. Which means that later, I couldn’t remember where I had taken my glasses off.


At least I found my favorite scarf. It was hanging all by itself on a hanger in the closet.

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