Friday Links (rest ye merry edition)!

It’s Friday! Already the second Friday in December. Only a few more to go and then there will be no more. Before we reach that point, Christmas day will be upon us, and I feel so unprepared!

Anyway, here is a collection of news and other things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared:

Joyce Brabner’s ‘Second Avenue Caper: When Goodfellas, Divas, And Dealers Plotted Against The Plague’: Book Review.

Let’s Stop Making Jokes About Furries While Discussing That Recent Terrorist Attack on Furries.

“I won’t be a weapon anymore,” says former symbol of ex-gay movement.

Why Evangelical Christians Oppose Obamacare and Civil Rights.

The dangerous myth at the heart of conservative ideology.

FBI Understates Hate-Motivated Attacks on Transgender People.

Marriage equality in N.C. grows LGBT wedding professionals’ businesses.

Michigan House Passes Bill Allowing EMTs To Refuse Gay People.

2 Futures Can Explain Time’s Mysterious Past.

Gigantic Cambrian Shrimplike Creature Unearthed in Greenland.

Begun The Christmas Tree War Has. Fight over artificial vs cut live trees has been raging for over 100 years.

Obama’s Approval Rating Is in the Tank Because Americans Are Being Lied To.

Shonda Rhimes Delivered The Most Inspiring, Badass Speech. “How many women had to hit that glass before the first crack appeared?”


Anti-gay N.C. church members indicted on felony kidnapping, assault of gay man.

Bobby Jindal’s Prayer Rally Materials Blame Gays & Legal Abortion For Hurricane Katrina.

Good riddance, Darrell Issa: A wasteful blowhard’s humiliating history.

After half a century of waiting – this gay couple were finally allowed to tie the knot.

Pastor Donnie Romero Says Gays Are ‘All Pedophiles’ Who Should Be ‘Put To Death’ (VIDEO).

Family Research Council Will Fix Constitutional Flaw That Allows Trans Americans Too Much Freedom.

I’m Still Bitter, Bill.

Becoming Willing to Tell Our (Tragically) Unflattering but Still (Super) Effective Stories of Trans Allyship.

Neil Gaiman recites Jabberwocky:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Carol of the Bells (for 12 cellos) – ThePianoGuys:

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The Couch Gag Before Christmas | THE SIMPSONS | ANIMATION on FOX:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

President Obama Hijacks The Colbert Report ‘I, Stephen Colbert, Have Never Cared for Our President’ – President Obama literally takes over Stephen’s job for a segment, and it’s awesome:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Mad Max: Fury Road – Official Theatrical Teaser Trailer [HD]:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Iron Sky The Coming Race Official Teaser Trailer 1 (2016) – Fantasy Movie HD:

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[Official Video] Winter Wonderland/Don’t Worry Be Happy – Pentatonix (ft Tori Kelly):

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Annie Lennox – God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen:

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