How’m I doing on those goals?

When I set my goals for the year in 2014, I also committed to doing regular updates. Just about every month I met that commitment. I also felt as if I accomplished more of my goals last year than usual, and I suspect that making the regular reports helped keep me focused on the goals, so I’m doing it again.

Last year each goal was paired with some specific tasks based on the notion of trying to replace a bad habit with a good one. This year’s goals continue that idea and include extending the success of some of last year’s.

So, how did I do…?

Write more, rant less. My tasks are: listen to non-political podcasts or audiobooks every week; spend at least one lunch break a week reading one of my ebooks instead of the news; continue to spend at least half of my lunch break writing; give myself a monthly quota of blog posts about things I love; set specific monthly writing goals in each check-in.

I listened to both the H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast and Wait! Wait! Don’t Tell Me just about every week. I also listened to a lot of music off my iPhone. I read the entirety of the novel Consider Phlebas by Iain Banks, mostly during my morning bus rides and during lunch. After finished that book, I have resumed Many Waters by Madeleine L’Engle at the spot I left off some months ago.

I only did a tiny bit of writing during lunch throughout the month, mostly because I was reading the book, instead.

My specific tasks, including the quota for blog posts about things I love were:

  • Post a list of stories in the editing queue to the Editorial Board mailing list. Done!
  • Post at least four blog posts that are about things I like, rather than ranting or critiquing, et cetera. Done! I’m allowing myself to count entries in my irregular “Sunday Funnies” series of posts, but I’m also only allowing myself to count one of those a month toward the quota.
  • Complete at least four more chapters of edits on Book 1. Not done. I got a lot of editing done, but I have been side-tracked by trying to fix bigger plot problems spanning more than one book in the series.
  • One re-write pass on the spin-off. Done! But I’m not happy with it.
  • At least two more scenes for Book 3. Half done. In other words, only one completely new scene for Book 3.

I feel that I did pretty well on this goal over all, even if my specific to-do list was only about half finished.

Take care of myself.My tasks are: get back in the habit of waking up on weekends at nearly the same time as work days; get back in the habit to making weekly meal plans together; get back in the habit of setting up my pill-minder every week.

I was doing really well on the sleep schedule thing… even during the week that I had a head cold. And then, just as I was getting over the head cold, I woke up with the most horrible sore throat, and three weeks later I’m still not well! I was staying each day awake only long enough to get through a day’s worth of work (working from home), then taking a nap (or two or three) before bed time. And the symptoms always get worse late at night, which means that even with all those naps, no sleep feels truly restful because your aching body and head and clogged breathing passages just mess with everything.

We have done so-so on the meal planning. Again, the illness (both of us sick, but not at exactly the same time) playing havoc with the plans.

I have, however, been regularly using the pill-minder and therefore doing a much better job of taking my chronic medications at the same times every day–never being confused about whether I took the morning’s dose yet, or not, and so on.

Enjoy time with friends. My task is to make an effort at get-togethers to ask leading questions.

When I was well enough to be around people…

Paint, draw, and make music. I haven’t figured out a better task for this one, yet, but I’m hopeful that someone will suggest something or I’ll find something I can start doing.

This one was a bust this month. Grrrr!

Specific tasks for February:

  • Set a date for the next Cthulhu Pony game and the next Steampunk game.
  • Get four chapters of edits done on Book 1.
  • Write at least four blog posts about things I like instead of rants or critiques.
  • Finish entering copy edits in the next two issues of the fanzine.
  • Pick a few days every week, set a word count goal, and use Scrivener’s cool word goal widget to keep track.

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