Friday Links (harmful books edition)

enhanced-buzz-25196-1379944008-1It’s the final Friday in February, can you believe it?

Anyway, here is a collection of news and other things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared:

I Didn’t Kill Benjamin Ng, But Maybe I Should Have. One ex-undercover copy tells about his brush with Seattle’s notorious Wah Me Massacre.

August Washington Post Columnist Would Like A Little F*cking Decorum Please.

The War for the Soul of Geek Culture.

“Get Over It!” How not to respond to critics of 50 Shades of Grey. “It doesn’t matter that it’s “just fiction.” Before Jaws hit theaters in 1975, great white sharks weren’t the villains we now believe them to be. But when the movie–which was purely fiction–became a blockbuster, it directly caused humans to seek out and kill sharks, causing widespread population drops in shark species across the board. The influence of that piece of fiction (coincidentally also based on a novel) even coined its own name: The Jaws Effect.”

Saying Goodbye to the Baby Years.

How to Write About Characters Who Are Smarter Than You.

The Real Problem With Bread (It’s Probably Not Gluten) One wheat scientist has a compelling theory.

ALis Franklin: Fat Chicks in SFF. “I knew, at the tender age of thirteen, that I would never be a hero because I was a girl, and I was fat.”

The Epidemic of Facelessness. I have a fundamental disagreement with the article: I don’t believe most of those who threaten (as opposed to just say insulting things when they disagree) are genuinely surprised that anyone took them seriously. They are genuinely surprised that it had real world consequences. Two distinctly different situations,

The Last of the Typewriter Men: A dynasty of repairmen is keeping the world’s typewriters from going obsolete.

“Close Encounter!” –The Rogue Star That Passed Through Our Solar System.

Ancient Mural Portrays Ordinary Mayans.

Critically Endangered Plant with Brilliant Purple Flowers Discovered in Hawaii.

The Strange Magnetic Bubbles At The Edge Of The Solar System.

John Legend: more black men are in correctional control now than were enslaved in 1850.

Gay unions getting nod in voting by Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.).

Scott Lively Warns That SCOTUS Could Unleash The Antichrist By September 2015.

The Press Is Reporting Embarrassing News About Republicans And It’s So Not Fair!

The Rhodes scholarship wasn’t designed for my people — that’s why I had to win.

We must offend religion more: Islam, Christianity and our tolerance for ancient myths, harmful ideas.

I Challenge You to Stop Reading White, Straight, Cis Male Authors for One Year.

The Walking Dead’s Gay Kiss Ignites Controversy Online.

“Giuliani is a Kardashian now”: Martin Short’s blistering “Nightly Show” takedown.

The Murky Gay Politics Surrounding the ‘Stay Weird’ Oscars Speech.

Just let them kiss already: Why are TV shows so weird about male relationships?

Why Arkansas Needs To Take Graham Moore’s Advice and Stay Weird.

Old foe of gay rights rises against ‘religious liberty’ ploy to legalize gay discrimination.

Twink: The Other T-Slur.

How To Talk To Girls On Twitter Without Coming Off Like A Creepy Rando.

Benjamin Netanyahu Has Been Lying to Americans For 20 Years.

Marco Rubio’s Obamacare Alternative Signs Up 42 Whole People.

Kansas GOP Senator Mary Pilcher-Cook Wants To Criminalize “Harmful” Books.


There is only one day left to nominate works for the Ursa Major Awards. It just so happens a story of mine published last year qualifies, The Luminous Pearl. You can read it at the link. If you like it, please consider enrolling at the Ursa Major site and nominating it in the short fiction category.

Much more recently I wrote about Literary digressions and how I accidentally wrote a book one night.

I also wrote about Pulling the trigger (warning), things that come

From the roots, and worried about how whether I had Outgrown a favorite author from my childhood.

Could There Be Another Planet Behind the Sun?:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

A homeless dog living in a trash pile gets rescued, and then does something amazing! Please share. (I’m still crying):

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Who Is Fancy: Goodbye:

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