Friday Links (cellblock tango edition)

A baby lynx from @CuteCatPictures
It’s Friday. We’re three weeks into March and what weird week it has been.

Anyway, here is a collection of some of the things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared:

Neil Gaiman on Terry Pratchett: ‘He Did Something Huge and Noble’.

A second minor planet may possess Saturn-like rings: Features around Chiron may signal rings, jets, or a shell of dust.

Previously Unknown Region from Dawn of Solar System Gave Rise to Earth, Mars, Venus.

The right’s religion lie: Science, sex and the truth about God and politics.

Paleo isn’t a fad diet, it’s an ideology that selectively denies the modern world.

Alzheimer’s breakthrough uses ultrasound technology to break up neurotoxic amyloid plaques.

Who’s afraid of the Apple Watch?

Spanish caver finds 20,000 year-old drawings.

Cody Spafford found both solace and redemption in the kitchen of Seattle’s most celebrated restaurant. What turned a promising chef into a bank robber?

If you Own a Pitchfork, You Will Grab It When You See This Chart.

“Amazing” Bronze Mask of Pan Unearthed in Israel.

How Would Alien Astronomers from Andromeda Detect Life On Earth?

I Can Text You A Pile of Poo, But I Can’t Type My Name. We can’t ignore the composition of the Unicode Consortium’s members, directors, and officers — the people who define the everyday writing systems of all languages across the globe.

Rosetta makes first detection of molecular nitrogen at a comet.

Prehistoric stone tools bear 500,000-year-old animal residue.

With Just Six Delta Smelt Left, Controversial California Fish Species Faces Impending Extinction.

The Secret Lives of the Tiny People In Architectural Renderings.

Laws to Stop Marriage Equality Grow Increasingly Weird.

Florida Man Washes Sidewalk, Gets Attacked By Ants.

Oklahoma is banning atheists from getting married.

Queer As (Space) Folk: The rise and fall of sexual diversity in Who.

East Middle Earth: A Story Worth Telling?.

Five Geek Social Fallacies. An oldie, but still a goodie!

Why “Glee” Still Matters.

The ‘Vocal Minority’ And Artistic Integrity In Comics.

Internet Explorer is dead, but will continue as a work-focused zombie.


Gay and Mennonite: They vote on everything. They’re committed to peace. Can a church that defines itself by harmony survive dissonance over homosexuality?.

New feminist Thor is selling way more comic books than the old Thor.

Starbucks is a national joke: Why its #RaceTogether campaign is so “self-righteous”.

Gamer Gate’s Crusade Against Blocking.

Black Mississippi Man Hanged From Tree.

Cell Block Tango – Broadway Backwards 2015:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Johnny Marr is set to mark 2015’s Record Store Day with a numbered limited edition 7” release of ‘I Feel You’ (Depeche Mode cover) on April 18th:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Aaron Schock & the Closets of Downton Abbey:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

FREE – Alright Now (1970 UK TV Performance) ~ HIGH QUALITY HQ (Out bassist Andy Fraser died this week, age 62):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Zachary Quinto Remembers Leonard Nimoy – CONAN on TBS:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron – TV Spot 2:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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