Yea, though I write through the valley of the shadow of death

This bon mot from Jean Oram really captures how I feel right now.

Editing is like killing your story and then very slowly bringing it back to life.

My Camp NaNoWriMo project is to take the rough draft of what I had originally intended to be one book, and turn it into two books. And I don’t want to just chop it in two—not just because I have really disliked several series which have been built that way, but also because one of the problems the first draft has is too many subplots to easily follow. I still think it’s quite doable. I have about half the the characters and their plots pulled out and getting resolved in one book, then the bulk of the next book is the other half of the characters and their plots, with some of the characters from the earlier book joining in for the big battle at the end.

To make the earlier book work as a book on its own, I’m changing one important event in the battle which is its ending, in a way which I believe will later solve an issue which was causing my writer’s group to get bounced out of the story. I hope.

But it has involved a whole lot less new writing than I had expect, so far. I’m still doing more cutting and revising of existing scenes than writing new stuff to fill in gaps. On the plus side, as I’m making this group of subplots work on their own, I’m fixing a bunch of timing issues that had been plaguing the first draft.

So I’m not just killing a book and very slowly bringing it back to life, I’ve killed a set of conjoined twins and am trying to bring them back to life as two self-sufficent beings.

Keep wishing me luck!


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