Friday Links (glass bottomed frog edition!)

Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre

Costa Rican Amphibian Research Centre

It’s Friday. April is nearly over! Now I’m starting to freak out just a bit about how fast the year is careening by!

Anyway, here is a collection of some of the things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared:

Glass frog’s organs are visible through its belly.

For more information about other species of glass frogs: Glass Frogs – The See-through Frogs.

The Hidden FM Radio Inside Your Pocket, And Why You Can’t Use It.

Men’s Rights Activist Group Honey Badger Radio Removed From Calgary Expo For False Information, Disruption.

Dan Savage Mocks GOP Presidential Hopefuls For Their ‘Imaginary Hypothetical Gay Friends’.

Mystery of Largest Structure Ever Identified in the Universe –The Eridanus Supervoid and Cold Spot.

Ceres’ Bright Spots Come Back Into View.

Oldest crucible steel weapon in East Europe found by Russian archaeologists.

In 2017, Norway will be first country to shut down FM radio. Analog radio is going away, which is why last week’s story about networks petitioning smart phone makes to turn on the FM chip in more phones is another example of skating to where the puck is…

Chemistry Ph.D. student illustrates her thesis in comic book.

Iron Age Owl Brooch Unearthed in Denmark.

A massive study of 95,000 children finds no link between MMR vaccines and autism spectrum disorders. Still and again!

Neighbors at war over feeding of crows in Portage Bay.

Iceman Already Kinda Sorta Tried to Come Out as Gay in the 1990s.

Scott Walker, forever tarnished: Republican governors have tanked the GOP brand.

Dr. Oz Can’t Afford Me.

Falling meteor may have changed the course of Christianity.


10 egregious myths the religious perpetuate about atheists, debunked.

CNN/ORC Poll: Economic optimism hits new peak under Obama.

Finally, a Democrat who calls “bulls**t”: Martin O’Malley drops a profane truth bomb on GOP’s deranged economic policy.

Boston Marathon Bombing Survivor Crosses Finish Line.

Hoosier Finds Inspiration, Hope at Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Transgender Ally College Conference.

Taking the Homophobia Out of Fantasy.

A young man who survived “ex-gay ministries” taught me what it means to be a Christian. “The campaign against marriage equality sent me fleeing from the church. Here’s what brought me back.”

CDEJG_3VIAALTVgChristian America is an invention: Big business, right-wing politics and the religious lie that still divides us. The idea of “one nation under God” is a modern one — and does not date back to the Founding Fathers

The Tea Party will never understand the Constitution: What the right misses about its favorite document.

New WaPo/ABC News Poll: Support for Same-Sex Marriage at Record High. And opposition to state bans is ALSO had a record high!

Keeping Up With the Hugos.

Janet Porter: Gay Marriage To Blame For Noah’s Flood, Will Usher In End Times.

Why it’s legal to fire someone for being gay in 28 states.

Nevada state Assembly rejects controversial transgender ‘bathroom bill’.

“You are entitled to this”: The real reason Amy Schumer’s rape culture takedown is so perfect.

Portraits Of Lord Byron, In Order Of Lord Byron-ness.

Senate Confirms Loretta Lynch as Attorney General After Long Delay.

Sign Of The Times: Straight High School Student Asks His Gay Best Friend To The Prom.


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Kevin Kantor – “People You May Know” (CUPSI 2015 Finals) {When He Stumbled Across His Rapist’s Facebook Profile}:

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In 1966 Lucille Ball filmed a special called “Lucy in London” and Phil Spectre, wrote, produced, and sang a song about it:

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The story of an all-electric, record-shattering ’68 Mustang:

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Imperial Stormtrooper Muppets live from Star Wars Celebration VI (mute it as soon as you get there…):

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