Friday Links (rainbow connections edition!)

Pride Flag carried near the front of Seattle's Pride Parade, 2014 (photo by me).
Pride Flag carried near the front of Seattle’s Pride Parade, 2014 (photo by me).
Friday Links (rainbow connections edition!)

It’s Friday! It’s not just Queer Pride Month, this is Queer Pride Weekend (at least in many places, including my home, Seattle)! Tomorrow, June 27th, is the anniversary of the Stonewall Riot, which most credit as the beginning of the modern gay right’s movement, which is why most folks in the U.S. celebrate June of Pride Month and why so many Pride Parades happen on the last weekend of the month. It’s time for every les-bi-gay, transgender, genderqueer, femme, butch, stud, stem, glittering fairy, cycle mama, leather daddy, drag king, queer nerd, gym bunny, baby dyke, cuddle pup, drag queen, bear, wolf, otter, twink, single, swinger, couple, trouple, PolyFamily, anyone I left out, and everyone who loves any of the above to step out and get down in the Pride Bash Extravaganza!

(Remember, you don’t have to be queer to celebrate it. Know someone who’s queer and want them to have a happy life? Then you can join the party!)

Anyway, here is a collection of some of the things that I ran across over the course of the week which struck me as worthy of being shared. Sorted into categories with headings so you can skip more easily:

Link of the Week

glaad_2015-Jun-26UPDATE: BREAKING: Supreme Court Rules Same-Sex Marriage To Be Law Of The Land Nationwide In Historic Ruling.

Same-Sex Marriage Is a Right, Supreme Court Rules, 5-4.

This week in Justice:

Jury finds that anti-LGBTQ “ex-gay therapy” is a total fraud.

With All Eyes on Marriage, Gays Just Won Another Enormous Legal Victory.

Supreme Court Allows Nationwide Health Care Subsidies.

In Fair Housing Act Case, Supreme Court Backs ‘Disparate Impact’ Claims.

SCOTUS Decision in FHA Case Reinforces Critical Tool To Address Housing Discrimination.

Police Cannot Arrest You For Watching and Criticizing Them from a Distance In Washington State.

This Week in Queer(ish) History

Cops Raid Gay Bar. What Happened Next Changed History.

Every American should know about the largest mass murder of gay people in US history. Media reaction to the 1973 mass killing at Upstairs Lounge reflected society’s views on homosexuality.

The Case of the Sultry Mountie: Doing Family History Queerly.

The Long, Winding Path of Same-Sex Marriage.

John Waters Says He Never Actually Came Out As Gay Because Nobody Asked.

How One Army Vet Designed The Iconic Symbol Of The Gay Rights Movement. Though I’ve read about (and written about) Gilbert Baker, design of the Pride Flag before, this is the first time I’ve ever seen a picture of the man himself.

Political/culture war news:

California Judge Throws Out Ballot Initiative Calling For Execution Of Gay People.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t the only anti-equality initiative filed in California this year: LGBT Coalition Forms To Fight Horrific Anti-Transgender Ballot Initiative In California.

No Matter What the Supreme Court Decides, the Fight for LGBT Equality Isn’t Over.

Catholic Church Sends Warning Letter to Australian Businesses Supporting Marriage Equality, and No One Cares.

Satanic Temple Will File Federal Lawsuit Against Missouri Abortion Laws.

Conservatives Demanding ‘Fascist, Anti-Christian’ Gay Pride Flag Be Taken Down. Right… and exactly when, in history, did Gay people enslave non-gays, buying a selling them, ripping them from their families, and then declaring a war the resulted in the deaths of 300,000 americans to try to keep their right to enslave?

Though the Wonkette’s headline is even better: Oppressed Wingnuts: Please Stop Lynching Us With Gay Rainbow Flag!

Atlanta Gay Man Bashed With Bat While Helping Change a Flat Tire.

Transgender Teen Killed In Mississippi.

Jon Stewart doesn’t give a damn anymore: Why the “Daily Show” host has never been more watchable.

Why Christians Aren’t Being Oppressed By Gay Marriage.


Kennewick Man Was Native American; DNA Analysis Confirms What Tribes Said All Along.

DARPA: We Are Engineering the Organisms That Will Terraform Mars.

70-Year-Old Tree Cut Down in NYC Will be Cloned and Planted Again.

Spooky Physics Phenomenon May Link Universe’s Wormholes.

Ancient Human With 10 Percent Neanderthal Genes Found.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

Interview: David Gerrold.

An open letter to the WSFS about unintended consequences.

This Week in Love vs Racism

Combating My Racism.

Because I Would Otherwise Scream.

This Week in Racism

The Confederate Flag Doesn’t Commemorate the South’s ‘Lost Cause’—It’s the Symbol of a Cause Won.

Not a Tea Party, a Confederate Party.

How long will we let conservatives write off Republican racism as a coincidence?

Why I Can’t Forgive Dylann Roof.

How White Christians Used The Bible — And Confederate Flag — To Oppress Black People.

Republicans have firm rules for fighting terrorism—unless it’s committed by domestic racists.

Michael Moore Nails Every Racist, War-Mongering, Pseudo-Christian, RW Gun Extremist – In One Tweet.

The Key Thing Conservatives Don’t Get About Obama’s Use Of ‘N*****’.

Just Putting These Here So They Can Be Part of the Permanent Record.

Fox News Race Experts So Mad Obama Allowed To Use N-Word And They Aren’t.

Burning the Flag: This is one of the hardest things I’ve ever written. It may cost me readers, and it may cost me friends.

This Week in Sexism

John Oliver shows how trolls have turned the internet into a nightmare for women.

News for queers and our allies:

emmapayn7_2015-Jun-26The New Law That Would Outlaw LGBT Discrimination Everywhere.

My Whole Life I’ve Been Asked If I’m a Girl or a Boy.

What same-sex marriage reform could mean for the LGBT youths of America.

Op-ed: I’m Gay, Not Trans, and That’s OK.

These Black Trans Couples’ Stories Tug At Our Heartstrings.

An Island With Only 48 Residents And No Gay Couples Just Legalized Same-Sex Marriage.

Reclaiming the spirit of Pride.

Allah Made Me Muslim; Allah Made Me Queer.

On choosing pronouns and embracing ‘queer’.

Everyone is sharing this special engagement notice from today’s Irish Times.

How ‘Twin Peaks’ helped one queer teen find himself.

I was a family man in my 50s when I finally came out of the closet.

What The Hell Do Butch And Femme Even Mean Anymore?

‘Cisgender’ Added to Oxford English Dictionary.

The obligatory Sad Puppies/Hugo Awards update:


Silence is Support.


The two-time Oscar winner, 61, worked on three James Cameron films, two ‘Star Trek’ movies and classics like ‘A Beautiful Mind,’ ‘Field of Dreams’ and ‘Apollo 13.’.

Patrick Macnee, Star of ‘The Avengers,’ Dies at 93.

Things I wrote:

Who raised the kid?.

“I can’t be a bigot, because…”.

Oppressed oppressors, part 3.

What’s there to be proud about?

Savage Heroics and Barbaric Eroticism – more of why I love sf/f.


Magic Mike XXL – Matt Bomer sings ‘Heaven’:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Leonard Nimoy reads Isaac Asimov’s ‘The Last Question’:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)
Asimov said of all the stories he wrote, this was his favorite. And he said the story had “the strangest effect on my readers. Frequently someone writes to ask me if I can give them the name of a story, which they ‘think’ I may have written, and tell them where to find it. They don’t remember the title but when they describe the story it is invariably ‘The Last Question.’”

He said people wrote and asked him so often, and the story they were trying to remember was always this one. So one time when he got a phone call that was clearly an international call on a bad connection (which we had to put up with back in those days), he could barely understand the person, but he thought he caught the phrase, “don’t remember the title.” So Isaac said, “I yelled into the phone, ‘the name of the story you can’t remember is The Last Question!'” Then he repeated it, in case the person couldn’t understand. The line was just static for a moment, he heard, “thank you” and the person hung up. “So now he probably thinks I’m psychic.”

The Golden Girls on Marriage Equality:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

What’s the Definition of “Traditional Marriage”?:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Show Me Your Pride – By Miss Coco Peru – OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Benny – Little Game (Official Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Conchita Wurst – You Are Unstoppable:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Tove Lo – Timebomb:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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