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Thank goodness it’s Friday. Both my husband and I are still on antibiotics. I’m starting to feel less miserable. I’m really hoping we both feel actually well, soon.

Anyway, here are links to some of the interesting things I read on the web this week, sorted into various topic areas.

Links of the Week

You may remember a link from a couple of weeks ago where a writer lamented that a publication’s call for submissions didn’t want any stories from a native american or indigenous point of view. The editor responded, but not by being defensive:
Just Wait Until Twitter Comes For You: Addressing and Fixing Unintended Privilege and Bigotry.

“TL;DR: When a social justice criticism was brought to us, we acknowledged the mistake, engaged with those criticizing, and fixed the problem instead of doubling down or protesting that wasn’t what we meant. It worked to resolve the problem and helped us clarify the message we meant to send.”

This week in Typography

More about the legendary Dove’s type: How The World’s Most Beautiful Typeface Was Nearly Lost Forever.

This Week in Diversity

We need more queer characters outside of LGBTI-specific stories.

Why The 100’s showrunner just lost 15k followers, and why it matters.

No, Vanity Fair’s photo of Michael B. Jordan and Ryan Coogler is not the mainstream’s attempt to effeminize black men.

This week in Government Overreach

Surprise! NSA data will soon routinely be used for domestic policing that has nothing to do with terrorism.

News for queers and our allies:

Last Men Standing – They had the remarkable luck to survive AIDS, and the brutal misfortune to live on.. “In the darkest years of the epidemic in the 1980s and ’90s, AIDS was almost always fatal; the prognosis was a few years, maybe a few months. These men, then in their 20s and 30s, weren’t supposed to make it to 40. Now some are 60 years old, even 70, still alive but wounded physically, psychologically and economically.”

What the EEOC’s lawsuit against Scott Medical Center could mean for Pa. state law.

Lambda Legal Wins Lawsuit Against Feds For Social Security Benefits For Lesbian Widow.

200 years of LGBT rights in 1 map.

Lack of a singular vision for LGBT rights isn’t a cause for despair, especially when competing visions drive innovation.

Bisexuals, Passing, and Straight Privilege: A Deeper Look.

NYC Guarantees the Right to Enter a Bathroom Matching One’s Gender Identity.

Kenmore Jr High improves bathroom access for transgender students.

Irish TV show to feature first-ever same-sex marriage.

Federal Court Says That Title VII Does Not Prohibit Anti Gay Bias — Yet.


Happy News!

President Jimmy Carter announces end of cancer treatments.


Huge Population of Rare Whales Found off Madagascar. Video of the rarely seen Omura’s whales (sort of a dwarf fin whale)

With Seattle Aquarium’s help, stranded sea turtle makes dramatic comeback.

Factoring of numbers achieved through scalable quantum computer.

This Scientist Crunched The Numbers And Discovered The Monetary Cost Of Not Being A Straight Man.

Scientists Say Some Birds Are Just as Smart as Apes.

Chew On This: Slicing Meat Helped Shape Modern Humans.

99 million year old fossil found in amber in South East Asia.

New micro-CT scanner allows inside view of even the tiniest fossils.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

Men of Their Times.

It’s HERE! Get over a million words of fiction from this year’s Campbell-eligible authors!


‘The Expanse:’ Best Science-Fiction Show In A Decade.

This week in Writing

“You can teach craft but you can’t teach talent.” The most useless creative writing cliché?

Idra Novey Recommends….

Fargo turns 20 today. Its fans are still arguing about this scene.

Culture war news:

Christian Activist Theodore Shoebat Supports Violent Vigilante Attacks Against Gay Rights Activists.

US Supreme Court overturns Alabama court ruling against same-sex adoption.

When Falling In Love Can Put Your Life In Danger.

Supreme Court to Shitty Hate States: Get Over It Already.

The War On Cars: Pedestrian Deaths Skyrocketing.

NFL still in closet about anti-gay culture.

Federal Judge Rules Marriage Ban Still Good Law In Puerto Rico, Governor Disagrees.

Missouri Religious Protection Bill Passes After 37 Hour Filibuster.

Rafael Cruz: ‘Gay marriage shall destroy society’.

Bisexual Man Convicted Of Hate Crime In Killing Of Gay Man. People don’t understand hate crime laws. His sole defense was that since he’s bisexual, it couldn’t be hate…

This Week in the Clown Car

Debate Recap: Cruz, Trump and Kasich Double Down on Anti-LGBT Rhetoric.

Money Pours In as Move to Stop Donald Trump Expands.

Ted Cruz’s Michigan Campaign Co-Chair Wants to Criminalize Homosexuality.

A Final Attempt to Understand Ben Carson’s Deeply Weird Presidential Campaign.

Donald Trump says everybody loves him. This chart proves him very wrong.

Defending Islam Isn’t Political Correctness, Marco Rubio Tells Donald Trump.

Cruz balks at campaign-loan disclosure.

John Kasich’s (not so) secret extremism: How the “moderate” alternative to Trump led a Planned Parenthood witchhunt in Ohio.

This week in Other Politics:

In Response to Question about Republican Claims that Obama is to Blame for Trump and Extremeist, President says GOP leaders to blame for party ‘crackup’. In other news, water is wet…

Inside the first-ever summit calling for an end to the “suicidal death pact between the U.S. and Saudi Arabia”.

The Obama Doctrine – The U.S. president talks through his hardest decisions about America’s role in the world..


Gary Hutzel, Star Trek and Battlestar Galactica VFX artist, dies at 60.

Ray Tomlinson, email inventor who picked the @ sign for addresses, dies.

Rev. Robert Palladino, Scribe Who Shaped Apple’s Fonts, Dies at 83.

And Another Departure:

Nancy Reagan dies aged 94, LGBT community remembers her shitty history on AIDS crisis.

Nancy Reagan Turned Down Rock Hudson’s Plea For Help Nine Weeks Before He Died.

Cat’s Story: Straight, Inc. and Why I Despise Nancy Reagan.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 3/4/2016 – When a dog whistle becomes a bullhorn.

Trigger Warning: misogyny, racism, Frank Miller (but I repeat myself).

Is it worth the outrage? – part three.

Confessions of a cluttering packrat.

Uniques and Reborns, Computers and Telepaths – more of why I love sf/f.


Years & Years – Desire ft. Tove Lo:

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Menow – Baby You’re Like A Drug:

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Ben Carson: GOP DROPOUT – Song Parody by Randy Rainbow:

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BAND-MAID / Don’t let me down:

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Orkestra Obselete Blue Monday 1933:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

‘Crazy Ex-Girlfriend’ Gives Us The Bi Anthem We’ve Been Waiting For:

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R.I.P. GOP (Part 1) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS:

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R.I.P. GOP (Part 2) | Full Frontal with Samantha Bee | TBS:

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[Eng Sub] McCafé’s Gay Ads in Taiwan:

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Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War – Trailer 2:

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