Sunday Funnies, part 16

Another in my series of posts recommending web comics. I haven’t posted one of these in several months, which makes me feel more than a little guilty. Anyway, here are a couple of new strips for your enjoyment:

The logo for Scurry, a web comic by Mac SmithScurry by Mac Smith is the story of a colony of mice trying to survive a long, strange winter in a world where humans have mysteriously vanished, and food is becoming ever more scarce. The artwork is really good, with an interesting cast of characters and a very intriguing premise. You assume that something apocalyptic has happened to the humans, but you aren’t sure what it is. Whatever has happened, it clearly has set up an apocalypse for the mouse colony. Which made me think of the observation Terry Pratchett made in more than one book: every day someone’s world ends. Scurry is a very good comic. And I’m so glad I found it relatively early in the story. I’m hanging on the edge of my seat, waiting for the next installment! Also, thanks so much to my friend, Atara, for recommending it!

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 3.18.45 PMCheck, Please! by Ngozi Ukazu. I discovered this comic recently when several blogs I follow on tumblr featured what looked like fan art from a show or comic that I’d never heard of. And what really got me were some of the excited comments of these fans. But they weren’t mentioning the name of whatever this story was, just some for the character names, so I had to google a bit until I finally found out that Check, Please is the story of Eric “Bitty” Biddle, a former junior figure skating champion from a southern state who is attending fictitious Samwell College in Massachuseets, where he plays on the men’s hockey team. Bitty is the smallest guy on the team, and in the early comics is dealing with a phobia of being body-checked in the games (before college he played in a co-ed league where checking was not allowed). He’s an enthusiastic baker, and a die hard Beyoncé fan. The comic to date covers his Freshmen and Sophomore years, featuring an endearing cast of characters, and mostly low-key drama. There is an associated twitter account (though it is currently locked as private because it contains spoilers for the coming episodes). I was immediately hooked and zoomed through the whole series of comics in a single evening. I can’t wait to find out what happens next!

Some of the comics I’ve previously recommended:

“Mr. Cow,” by Chuck Melville tells the tale of a clueless cow with Walter Cronkite dreams. If the twice-weekly gags about a barnyard of a newsroom aren’t enough excitement for you the same artist also writes and draws (and colors!) some awesome fantasy series: Champions of Katara and Felicia, Sorceress of Katara. If you like Mr. Cow, Felicia, or Flagstaff (the hero of Champions of Katara) you can support the artist by going to his Patreon Page. Also, can I interest you in a Mr. Cow Mug?

dm100x80“Deer Me,” by Sheryl Schopfer tells the tales from the lives of three friends (and former roommates) who couldn’t be more dissimilar while being surprisingly compatible. If you enjoy Deer Me, you can support the artist by going to her Patreon Page!

And I love this impish girl thief with a tail and her reluctant undead sorcerer/bodyguard: “Unsounded,” by Ashley Cope.

Screen Shot 2015-08-02 at 5.36.43 PMMuddler’s Beat by Tony Breed is the fun, expanded cast sequel to Finn and Charlie Are Hitched.

The_Young_Protectors_HALF_BANNER_OUTSIDE_234x601The Young Protectors by Alex Wolfson begins when a young, closeted teen-age superhero who has just snuck into a gay bar for the first time is seen exiting said bar by a not-so-young, very experienced, very powerful, super-villain. Trouble, of course, ensues.

3Tripping Over You by Suzana Harcum and Owen White is a strip about a pair of friends in school who just happen to fall in love… which eventually necessitates one of them coming out of the closet. Tripping Over You has several books, comics, and prints available for purchase.

12191040If you want to read a nice, long graphic-novel style story which recently published its conclusion, check-out the not quite accurately named, The Less Than Epic Adventures of T.J. and Amal by E.K. Weaver. I say inaccurate because I found their story quite epic (not to mention engaging, moving, surprising, fulfilling… I could go on). Some sections of the tale are Not Safe For Work, as they say, though she marks them clearly. The complete graphic novels are available for sale in both ebook and paper versions, by the way.


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