Friday Links (no foolin’ edition)

A raccoon making jazz hands.

Jazz hands! (Click to embiggen)

Thank goodness it’s Friday. This was a weird week: the first day back at the office after the con was busy, but full of good news; then things started going awry and I spent the middle of the week trying to get certain software to work so I could make a deadline; finally fixed the situation by installing software on my personal laptop and cramming a few days worth of work into a single evening. I don’t know yet if I’m going to make the deadline.

Today is not only Friday, but it is also April 1, which is a day that has become problematic. My own rules about April Fool’s jokes have always included at least this: if it causes someone distress it is not a joke, and you have missed the point. Anyway, I collected all of these links before today, and as far as I can tell none of them are meant to be jokes. Which in a couple cases is more distressing the the most in-poor-taste April Fool’s joke I’ve ever heard of.

Meanwhile, here are links to some of the interesting things I read on the web this week, sorted into various topic areas.

Links of the Week

You (and Almost Everyone You Know) Owe Your Life to This Man.

This week in security

Follow the money: Apple vs. the FBI. I think he’s only half right. Yes, the success of Apple pay depends on encryption, but a company can also believe in doing right by its customers.

Questions Hang Over FBI After Apple Showdown Fizzles. (hmmmm, when we lie to the FBI it’s a felony, but when the FBI lies to a judge and the entire American people, it’s only a fib?)

5 authentication methods putting passwords to shame.

And other news:

Facebook post on collecting human remains leads police to raid witch’s Mid-City home, find bones, teeth.

This week in Health

Wentworth Miller Shuts Down Body-Shamers With Powerful Message On Mental Health.

This Week in Diversity

Stop using “anyone can die” as an excuse.


This week in awful news

Suicide bomber kills at least 9 in central Somalia.

7 police killed in latest Turkey bombing.

2 Russian Police Killed in Separate Bomb Attacks in Dagestan.

Taliban splinter group claims attack on Christians at Pakistan park; 60 dead.

This week in Evil People

Seattle tree cutters could face felony charges.

News for queers and our allies:

Turning moments into momentum for LGBT equality.

Global health group takes on gay conversion therapy.



Scientists may have discovered the fossilised skull of a ‘Siberian unicorn’.

Scientists solved the Spallanzani’s dilemma. Newts are the masters of regeneration.

Link between fossil fuels and Great Barrier Reef bleaching clear and incontrovertible.

The More We Empathize With Others, The More Generous We Are.

See how to spice guard your bird feed – and other nifty chemistry life hacks.

Ancient arachnid was almost a spider.

Scientists have identified a universal Nope face.

‘Tumbleweed Tornado’ caught on camera in Albuquerque.

2,500-Year-Old Monument Could Help Crack the Mysterious Etruscan Language.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

How ‘Sailor Moon’ Fandom Became a Refuge for 90s Queer Kids. Video starts automatically.

How Did Batman Go From Being Fun and Gay to Sad and Boring?

Introducing ConFinder.

Culture war news:

The Biggest Legal Attack On Unions In Decades Is Dead.

This new lawsuit explains exactly why North Carolina’s anti-transgender law is so vile.

North Carolina Sued Over Anti-LGBT Law.

As More States Legislate Transgender Americans’ Bathroom Use, Illinois Eyes Its Own Bill.

Judge awards Tennessee lawyers $2 million for marriage equality case.

Commentary: ‘Religious freedom’ laws are about the freedom to discriminate.

North Carolina’s anti-trans law is downright dangerous.

Why Georgia governor defied his base over religious liberty.

Infamous Colorado Pastor Targets Girl Scouts, Saying LGBTQ-Positive Scout Leaders Should Be Executed.

Montel Williams says of HB2: ‘Discrimination, pure and simple’.

Protesters Flood North Carolina Streets as Discrimination Law Backlash Grows.

State may be sued if religious freedom bill becomes law.

Mississippi Same-Sex Adoption Ban Unconstitutional, Federal Judge Rules.

Saudi government ‘wants to EXECUTE gay people who show their sexuality in public & online’.

This week in Other Politics:

Corporations Grow Nervous About Participating in Republican Convention.

Voter Suppression: The Elephant (and Donkey) in the Room.


Patty Duke, Child Star and Oscar Winner, Dies at 69.

A Garry Shandling Photograph That Closes the Book on a Late-Night Era.

The Last Email Garry Shandling Ever Sent Me.

Silence or Violence: Logan, Suicide, and the Culture of Masculine Silence.

Things I wrote:

It’s a nerd, nerd, nerd, nerd world!

Stark raving nerd.

Onion arguments and thorny questions.

Life, Death, and Unanswerable Questions.

Heading off to camp!


Watch This Italian Gay Couple Dance for “Italy’s Got Talent,” and Try Not to Cry (no English subtitles, but once the dancing starts you won’t miss it):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

North Carolina and Georgia Anti-LGBTQ Laws: A Closer Look:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

A-ha – Take on Me – live @ the O2 Arena, London, 26/3/2016:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Pet Shop Boys perform The Pop Kids on Graham Norton , March 25 2016 (New album released today! I preordered, so got the download last night):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Pet Shop Boys interview on Graham Norton , March 25 2016:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)


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