Friday Links (diabetic mice edition)

Fatmouse-640x435It’s Friday! The final Friday in May already. Yeesh! I’m not quite ready for the year to be half over. It’s also nearly June, and my annual project of creating the perfect Pride Playlist for my iPhone is not going quite as well as it ought, in part because of a weird issue that has popped up with a small number of tracks in my library which has resulted in me filing very complicated trouble tickets with Apple. But the real problem is that I can’t quite figure out what mood to go for this year. This might be one of the years where I make two lists with very different, uh, textures.

Meanwhile, here are links to some of the interesting things I read on the web this week, sorted into various topic areas.

Links of the Week

The Wonderful and Terrible Habit of Buying Too Many Books.


And other news:

The Bible is #2 on This List of the Best Books Ever. Guess What’s #1?

Peter Thiel, Gawker, and Freedom of Speech. “I, for one, don’t dispute Peter Thiel’s right to back Hogan’s case. I simply think he’s an asshole for doing it, and a coward for having attempted to do it in secret.”

On Peter Thiel and Gawker. “The notion that Thiel or any one percenter could wage a war of attrition against a media outlet with the intent of destroying it for slights real or perceived should be horrifying to anyone who believes that freedom of the press is a necessary condition for an open society…”

No Road is Big Enough for a Beyoncé Concert.

Five Years Later, Harold Camping’s Followers Are Still Predicting the End of the World.

This Week in Tech

One Week without iTunes: the Results.

This week in Health

What You Need to Know About ‘Smiling Depression’.

Gluten-free ≠ healthier.

This Week in Diversity

ON STEVE ROGERS #1, ANTISEMITISM, AND PUBLICITY STUNTS. “I am not angry because omg how dare you ruin Steve Rogers forever. I am angry because how dare you use eleven million deaths as clickbait.”

Good People Often Stay Closeted. Good People Sometimes Stay Silent.

‘Normal America’ Is Not A Small Town Of White People. Demographics and other fun facts.

NSFW: Sexing the wheelchair (Part 2) – Disabled clients and the saviour complex.

This Week in Inappropriate Machismo

This Black Mom Perfectly Nails What’s Wrong With Dads Posing in Prom Pictures With Guns.

This week in awful news

Man in Mississippi jail 11 years without trial.

News for queers and our allies:

LGBTI kids are now protected from conversion therapy in Vermont.

Give Captain America a Boyfriend: The Campaigns to Make Disney’s Big Franchises More Gay-Friendly.

Picking Clothes Is Never Easy, Especially for Gender-Nonconformers.


Thousands of bees chased this car for 2 days looking for their queen.

Scientist who wants to ‘regenerate’ 20 brain-dead patients deluged with warnings of a zombie apocalpyse.

The Long History Behind the Reburial of ‘Kennewick Man’.

What will happen when Mount Rainier erupts?.

Scientists find cure for type 2 diabetes in rodents, don’t know how it works.

A survey of more than 216,000 adolescents from all 50 states indicates the number of teens with marijuana-related problems is declining. Similarly, the rates of marijuana use by young people are falling despite the fact more US states are legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana use and the number of adults using the drug has increased.

This bizarre sea monster shows how strange life gets after an apocalypse.

A controversial theory may explain the real reason humans have allergies.

Raccoon hands are nature’s most wonderful and terrifying appendages.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!

Sad Puppies Review Books: Mike Mulligan and His Steam Shovel.

Satirical erotica author Chuck Tingle’s massive troll of conservative sci-fi fans, explained. Right-wing sci-fi writers tried to delegitimize the Hugo Awards by nominating a writer no one took seriously. Here’s how he took them all by surprise.

How a Game of Thrones hashtag sparked a debate over ownership, linguistics, and cultural appropriation.

This week in Writing


What’s Wrong With Inkitt’s “Publishing Contest” – A Partial List.

Ask the Agent: what are your thoughts on a white girl (for example) writing a “diverse” story from the POV of a character of color?

This Week in History

Ronald Reagan’s legacy of poverty and death.

This Week in Fighting Back in the Culture War:

How Do You Solve the Problem of Gendered Bathrooms? This Capitol Hill Brewery May Have an Answer.

Screaming Christian in Target Store is Confronted by Customer, Then Escorted Out By Security.

Culture war news:

Honest Error or Homophobic Humiliation? What Really Happened to the Gay Men’s Chorus at Petco Park?

Archdale (NC) Officials End Jersey Sponsorship Program After Businesses Put Bible Verses on Shirts.

The bathroom issue has turned 2016 into a very important election for LGBTQ rights.

LGBT divide grows as 11 states sue feds over transgender bathroom rule.

I’m trans and I want to stop talking about toilets.

Tennessee Activist’s Documentary Will Draw a Line Directly from Church Sermons to Anti-LGBT Laws.

Church Funding Anti-Trans Attack Tells Evangelicals “It Ain’t Over”.

Too gay for TV? Get used to it, honey.

2 Church Pastors Among 32 Arrested in Sting Operation Offering Sex With Teens.

This week in Politics:

I’m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I’m Not A Human Tire Fire.

EXPOSED: Trump Fans Divide Democrats By Posing As Sanders And Hillary Supporters Online.

One Of The Most Aggressive Gerrymanders In The Country Just Lost In The Supreme Court.

If You’re A Woman Or A Minority, America Was Never Great.

Calm Down: House Republicans Didn’t Just Challenge President Obama on Federal LGBT Discrimination.


Alan Young dies at 96; star of TV’s ‘Mister Ed’.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 5/21/2016: Ringtone Rhapsody and Beyond.

Farewell to Camden County.

A cup, a cup, and a cup….

Out of Body Vacations – more of why I love sf/f.


Frankmusik – Turnin’:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Justs – Heartbeat (Latvia) 2016 Eurovision Song Contest:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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