By request: Some citations

On Saturday evening, while waiting to get seated for a thoroughly hilarious movie, I retweeted something about one of the presidential candidates. A friend replied that what I’d retweeted was B.S. I tried to figure out how to respond without coming across as dismissive or snarky. And I was not in a position to easily pull up links to back it up. And twitter isn’t a good place to try to have such conversations.

The friends asked me to send the links later. So the sole purpose of this post is to collect several links, most of which have already been posted on this blog. If you don’t want to read any more of my opinions on a particular presidential candidate, don’t click through on the Read More link below. Instead, may I suggest a happy link instead: This High School Cross-Country Team Takes Lonely Shelter Dogs On Their Morning Runs. That’s much more fun, no?

If you do want to read some citations supporting some things I’ve previously blogged about, click:

If you’re still with me:

On Saturday night I retweeted a comment about Green Party Candidate Jill Stein, specifically that she believes:

1. Vaxxers have legit concerns
2. WiFi fucks with your brain
3. Russia is a bastion of Human Rights

And a friend didn’t believe these things were true, in part because he’s been following Stein for years and claims she’s never said anything remotely like this. Let’s look at each one:

1. Vaxxers have legit concerns

Number 1 has been nearly an exact quote several times: Jill Stein on vaccines: People have ‘real questions.


Jill Stein and left wing antivaccine dog whistles.

Jill Stein Watered Down Her Own Statement Rejecting the Myth That Vaccines Cause Autism.

And it isn’t just this year. You can find Stein making similar sorts of anti-pharmaceutical company comments and repeating debunked stories going back at least to 2013.

2. WiFi fucks with your brain

This one is pretty straight-forward:

Jill Stein says it’s dangerous to expose kids to wifi signals

If you want to hear it from her own mouth: here’s a video.

3. Russia is a bastion of Human Rights

This one is less direct. Stein didn’t say exactly this thing, unlike numbers 1 and 2, but her comments in this video, made during a trip to Russia, is where we begin: Anti-War Message in Moscow: Jill Stein, 2016 US-Presidential Candidate (Green Party). Being anti-war is great, but when you go to a conference on Human Rights that is sponsored by Vladimir Putin [who is one of the worst leaders in the world regarding Human Rights] but the only things negative you say regarding Human Rights is aimed at the U.S.? Really?

There are things you can call the U.S. government on, of course. That isn’t the issue. But going to a conference that everyone understands the Russian government was holding for the sole purposes of creating propaganda to imply that it is a champion of Human Rights is not the move of someone who is actually trying to further Human Rights. Going one step further and criticizing a country that is both doing better in that department, and has called out the Russian leader on the topic is several steps across the line.


I have also been following Dr. Stein for years. And she’s been doing the anti-science dog-whistle routine (for instance, in answer to a question about the party’s blatant endorsement of homeopathy in the 2012 platform, she frequently said that medical science had never absolutely proven it didn’t work; never mind that as a doctor she knows it is impossible to empirically prove a negative) on a number of issues since at least 2012. And while we’re on the subject of homeopathy, while the Green Party did officially remove the old pro-homeopathy language in a vote a few months ago, they replaced it with less obvious language about alternative treatments and holistic approaches and other dog-whistles for the homeopaths.

To be fair, I don’t know that she actually believes any of that claptrap. She rambles, both in spoken responses and long typed answers on forums such as reddit AMAs. It’s hard to tell, sometimes, if she’s contradicting herself because she’s trying to throw a bone to some of her whackier supporters, or if she’s just not very good at communicating. I think some reporters and listeners have given her the benefit of the doubt (that an anti-vax comment midway through a long ramble that begins and ends pro-vaccine is a poor phrasing, for instance), rather than recognize a rather clear pattern of winking to anti-science wing of her party.

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