Just keep writing, just keep writing, cry when you need to, just keep writing

“Shut up and write the book” Detlef Schluchter @D_Schluchter
“Shut up and write the book” Detlef Schluchter @D_Schluchter (click to embiggen)
A couple of times this week I’ve been tempted to write a blog post about the struggle I’m having with my project for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), but then decided that was a procrastination trap and worked on the books instead. I seem to be back on track wordcount-wise, so that was probably a good call.

I’m still very worried about the future of the country, and yes more than a bit about my future and that of a lot of people I know and love. Brooding, worrying, researching, and chatting online last week didn’t help. Meeting some of our friends Saturday night and getting to vent and worry a bit together, but more importantly to commiserate and other wonderful things that friends do for each other helped me incredibly. Seeing more friends Sunday helped even more.

I’m also not going to discount how much help the unexpected crying while walking home from work on Monday provided. Keep in mind my walk takes a bit over an hour, and for more than half of that I couldn’t stop crying. Exercise and crying, I wholeheartedly endorse it!

Seeing this message from President Obama helped, a lot. I had already privately given myself a deadline of getting over the moping by the end of this week. With the help of wonderful friends, I’m getting there.

Now, I have these books to finish, so I better shut up and write!

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