Friday Links (God speed, John Glenn edition)

Glenn and artist Cecilia Bibby (who painted the logo on the Mercury spacecraft) sitting beside Friendship 7, the capsule that Glenn later orbited the Earth in. © NASA
Astronaut John Glenn and artist Cecilia Bibby (who painted the logo on the Mercury spacecraft) sitting beside Friendship 7, the capsule that Glenn later orbited the Earth in. © NASA
It’s the second Friday in December. And while 2016 is almost over, it is clearly not through with us, yet.

Since I was the kind of nerd who had toy rockets as a kid and watched the news whenever NASA had a mission on the air back in the 60s, I’m more than a bit saddened that John Glenn has left us.

Last weekend we got the outdoor Christmas lights up, set up and decorated the tree, and assembled and hung the wreaths on the door. I also got out lights to put in the windows and had planned all week long to put those up, but I haven’t. I’ll try to get that done this weekend.

Anyway, here are links to stories I found interesting, sorted by category.

Links of the Week

A Tumblr called Trumpgrets – schadenfreude therapy.

Dr. Seuss was not even in the general vicinity of fucking around. His pre-WWII political cartoons will surprise you!

How to be a silent movie heroine. It’s not what you think!

This Week in Restoring Our Faith in Humanity

Introducing ‘I Have a Name/Yo Tengo Nombre’ – ‘I Have a Name’ is an online visual database to help identify migrants who died crossing the Texas-Mexico border.

This Week in the Longest of Long Shots

Electoral College: Make Hillary Clinton President.

This week in awful news

Police: Gun-brandishing man sought to investigate conspiracy theory. This headline really needs some work…

33 dead at warehouse party fire in Oakland – community mourns, fears backlash.

Fatalities In The War On Cars Are Never In Cars.

This week in awful people

Former execs charged with bribing doctors to prescribe potent painkiller.

News for queers and our allies:

Your Holiday Mom – Offering Our LGBTQ Youth A Virtual Home For The Holidays.

Incoming North Carolina governor says repealing anti-LGBT law is a priority.

A Watershed Moment for Equality – The defeat of North Carolina’s Pat McCrory proves that progress has not completely ground to a halt.


How Reading A Novel Changes Your Brain.

Bees of the sea: Tiny crustaceans pollinate underwater plants.

Mysterious Ocean Blob Found for First Time in a Century.

First Dinosaur Tail Found Preserved in Amber.

Growing underground: the Lowline urban garden buried in New York’s catacombs.

Saturn’s Moons May Be Younger than Previously Thought.

Inside the big dish that brought us TV from the Moon.

Ancient Space Dust Washes Up in Rooftop Gutters.

Does This Neutron Star Confirm an 80-Year-Old Quantum Prediction?

A stunning fireball just lit up the sky in Siberia.

Why You Should Give a Damn About the Potentially Endangered Island Marble Butterfly.

Science Fiction, Fantasy and Speculation!



The Annual Epic Best Books of 2016 List You Can’t Miss!

This week in Writing

The Hero’s Journey in Trans YA.

This week in Words

Why Do We ‘Bury the Lede?’ We buried ‘lead’ so far down that we forgot how to spell it.


‘Chef’: the Word We Borrowed Twice.

Where Do We Go from Here?

Read the powerfully defiant message that San Francisco’s government sent to Donald Trump.

Surrender Donald! A Queer Call to Action Since 1989.

Sherman Alexie Talks About Writing in the Era of Trump. “Trump won because of two specific groups of white people. The moderate working-class whites and the leftist Jill Stein voters. One side rooting for an America that never existed and one side rooting for an America that is never going to exist. It was the romantic dreams of both sides that gave us Trump. And it’s a small population in the swing states: It comes down to 250,000 people. If 250,000 of them over seven states changed their mind, this would have been a Clinton blowout. So it’s not just a certain kind of conservative voter we need to be appealing to. We also need to straighten out those leftist assholes. I’m a far leftist who thinks no one like me should be in charge of shit.”

Culture war news:

There Is No “War On Christmas,” Unless You Count The Battle For Christian Supremacy.

Ohio’s “Heartbeat Bill” Would Ban Abortion Even Before Some Women Know They’re Pregnant.

Now That Trump Is President, We Can’t Feed People Who Say “Merry Christmas” To The Lions Anymore.

Minnesota Business Owners Sue For Right To Discriminate Against Gay Couples.

New Texas bill endangers LGBT youth: Behind the legislation that could lead to a surge in anti-gay conversion therapy.

Arkansas Supreme Court: It’s A “Basic Biological Truth” That Gay Spouses Can’t Be Listed On Birth Certificates.

This week in the deplorables

Of course Mike Pence supported ex-gay therapy.

Trump’s Transition Team Is All Tied Up With Anti-Gay Pseudoscience.

The Daily 202: The art of punching down.

WATCH: Colbert on #PizzaGate Conspiracy Theorists, Alex Jones, Wikileaks, Reddit Trolls: ‘Grow the F*ck Up’.

This week in Politics:

Sen. Collins Signals GOP Wall On Obamacare and Medicare Is Cracking.

McCrory concedes gubernatorial race to Cooper. The one race in the nation that was all about an anti-trans and pro-other-kind-of-discrimination bill, and it went the right way.

Recount Update: Jill Stein’s Quixotic Battle For Democracy Continues Apace .

Federal judge’s ruling halts Michigan presidential election recount.

Holocaust attorney sues FBI over election interference that could ‘lead to impeachment’ of Trump.

The press is ignoring it, but Democrats told the GOP to get bent, and Republicans did as instructed.

This Week in Racism

Jury Can’t Decide If Shooting A Fleeing, Unarmed Black Man Five Times In The Back Is A Crime.

I’m Not Your Racial Confessor.

This Week in Sexism

On Pandering.

This is why we Still Need Feminism.


Sammy Lee, diver who became first Asian American to win Olympic medal, dies at 96.

John Glenn, first American to orbit Earth, dies at age 95.

John Glenn: The Last American Hero?

John Glenn, Hero and Political Cautionary Tale.

John Glenn was a total badass, these facts prove it.

Things I wrote:

It’s all about the glitches.

The President Hasn’t Actually Been Elected, Yet.

Which Christmas Ghost should I write?

Emotional swings and misses.

Freaks — caffeinated or not.


Ingrid Michaelson – Girls Chase Boys (An Homage to Robert Palmer’s “Simply Irresistible”) – OFFICIAL:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 Teaser Trailer:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Quick D: Cup Levitation & Train Track Rescue:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

FIRST OFFICIAL Trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Kacey Musgraves – What Are You Doing New Year’s Eve?:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.):

[OFFICIAL VIDEO] God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen – Pentatonix:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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