Supplemental Links (again) a Day After a Friday

Things you can do that the same time... Substitute celebrity/pop culture/literature/media thing of your choice. Yes, we can be concerned about more than one thing at a time! (click to embiggen)

Things you can do that the same time… Substitute celebrity/pop culture/literature/media thing of your choice. Yes, we can be concerned about more than one thing at a time! (click to embiggen)

Several of these were things I had bookmarked and thought that I included when I finalized this week’s Friday link round up on Thursday night. But, once again, because of several long and mentally draining work days in a row, I was apparently more braindead than I realized on that night. A few of these are about the Not My President and related stuff, but I’m going to put them behind a “Read More” link, so you will only see them if you click that.

Famed science fiction writer (and have I mentioned she’s a taoist and did her own translation of the Tao Te Chi and released it as both a paper book and an audio book that I have found myself listening to a lot lately in an attempt to find some calm?) wrote a letter to the editor that I hope you will find amusing. Be sure to stay out of the comments! Ursula Le Guin on fiction vs. ‘alternative facts’: Letter to the editor.

I need to finish a blog post I promised a friend about ways to be an ally to any marginalized group. Though I don’t know if I can do better than this: 6 Activists On The Best Ways To Be An Ally To Trans & Nonbinary People Right Now.

This is an interesting one. Please read it all the way to the end before jumping to any judgments: Impartiality or diversity. Pick one.

Two different friends shared this scholarly take on the relationship of the Church of England, specifically, and sexual moralities. Except it’s more than that, and doesn’t just apply to that church. Good stuff that requires a bit more thinking than the usual news links, but worth it: Sexuality, gender and disrespect for scripture.

Then there are links about terrible people doing terrible things in our name. Don’t click if you’ve already had too much of that:

USDA abruptly removes animal welfare information from its website. Animal welfare? Really?!?

Trump Gets Navy Seal Killed By Moving Forward On Operation Without Sufficient Intelligence. And not a word from the republicans in Congress…

‘Good Lord’: Experts say Trump executive order statute could close US to all international travelers. We were all focused on the immediate action sections, and didn’t really process this bit…

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