To absent friends…

World-AIDS-Day-2012_1Today is World AIDS Day. Each year, I spend part of the day remembering people I have known who left this world too soon because of that disease.

So: Frank, Mike, Tim, David, Todd, Chet, Jim, Steve, Brian, Rick, Stacy, Phil, Mark, Michael, Jerry, Walt, Charles, Thomas, Mike, Richard, Bob, Mikey, James, Lisa, Todd, Kerry, Glen, and Jack. Some of you I didn’t know for very long. One of you was a relative. One of you was one of my best friends in high school.

I miss you all. It was a privilege to know you.

This year’s theme for World AIDS Day is “Let’s End It.” For the first time ever, a reduction in the number of new infections as been measured in several cities, finally bringing a new kind of hope.

Meanwhile, the joke of a president the U.S. is enduring managed to leave out mention of every marginalized community disproportionately impacted by the illness:

Remember how Trump’s first Holocaust Remembrance Day proclamation made no mention of the Jews? Well, Trump’s first World AIDS Day proclamation is out and you’ll never guess who he left out this time: gay men, people of color, and trans men and women—the communities most at risk, the communities that suffered the most during the plague years. It’s like they get up every day determined to prove to the world that they are the assholes we already damn well know them to be.

How do you talk about AIDS and forget to mention queer people??? TRUMP FORGOT THE LGBT COMMUNITY ON WORLD AIDS DAY…

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