Friday Five (it’s a planet edition)

It’s the second Friday in September, the month in which superior people are born. I must point out that while it is only the second Friday, tomorrow is the third Saturday, so in some ways it is later than you think.

It has been a very busy and interesting week. Not just in my personal life. I had a very hard time keeping this week’s selection as short as it is.

Which brings us to the Friday Five: the top five (IMHO) science fiction stories of the week, the top five science stories, five stories about horrible things, five videos, and notable obituaries (plus my blog posts—five of them this week, which is the first time in a while).

Science Fiction and Fantasy stories:

How Do We Establish Speculative Fiction’s LGBTQ+ Canon?

How The Left Hand of Darkness Changed Everything.

A monster talent: Ray Harryhausen movie posters – in pictures.

In wake of San Diego Comic Con trademark case, Tampa Bay Comic Con changes name.

Where Have All the SFF Moms Gone?

Science stories:

‘Ground-breaking’ diabetes insulin drug.

Pluto a Planet? New Research from UCF Suggests Yes.

New Reasons why Pluto Should be Considered a Planet After All.

Olympic National Park mountain goats airlifted to North Cascades.

Elephant birds: Who killed the largest birds that ever lived?

Awful News:

Everything We Know About the Off-Duty Cop Who Shot and Killed Her Black Neighbor.

The NRA’s Catch-22 for Black Men Shot by Police.

Audio Reveals Potentially Illegal Coordination Between NRA and Montana Senate Hopeful Matt Rosendale.

Eric Trump’s ugly ‘three extra shekels’ attack on Bob Woodward draws accusations of anti-Semitism.

Why Are White Men Stockpiling Guns? Research suggests it’s largely because they’re anxious about their ability to protect their families, insecure about their place in the job market and beset by racial fears.

In Memoriam:

Bill Daily, witty sidekick on ‘I Dream of Jeannie,’ dies at 91.

Donnelly Rhodes Dies: ‘Battlestar Galactica’ & ‘The Flash’ Actor Was 80.

Carole Shelley, a Tony Winner, the original Madame Morrible in Wicked, and voice of many Disney ladies, Dies at 79.

Fenella Fielding best known for her femme fatale roles in many comedy and horror films, Dies at 90.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 9/8/2018: Clap louder….

Why I hate hay fever reason #6502.

Hurricane Maria Killed More People Than Katrina and 9/11 Combined.

No true Martian… or, the myth of the true fan.

It’s not just a word—when I say “Nazi” I mean it.


This terrifying video from The Weather Channel shows the power and danger of Hurricane Florence:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Rostam – “In a River” (Official Animation Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Dua Lipa – IDGAF (Live):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

MAGIC! – Expectations (Official Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

MAX – Still New York ft. New York City Gay Men’s Chorus (Live on the Elvis Duran Show):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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