Friday Five (you have to vote edition)

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It’s Friday! It is the first Friday in November, which means that it is National Novel Writing Month? I am spending as much of my free time as possible writing, trying to finish one of my novels.

Last weekend I posted about the mad bomber than ran off to Geek Girl Con and only learned about the mass shooting at a synagoge when I checked news later on my phone. I… I am still so angry about that. I’m not Jewish, okay, but dang it, I’m a human being and you shouldn’t have to be a member of a community to be infuriated when people murder members of that community while literally shouting things that the alleged president of the United States has said. Please scroll down and read about the eleven people who were murdered last weekend in my In Memoriam section. And please, if you can, donate to a cause that fights hatred. Even more, if you haven’t already voted, please, please, please vote. Vote for candidates who will crack down on hate crimes. Vote to take our country back from the Nazis and white supremacists who currently control the White House and both houses of Congress. This isn’t the last chance to stop the evil, this is rather the first chance to fight back at the ballot box against the evil that already controls the nation. Vote!

Welcome to the Friday Five: the top five (IMHO) stories of the week and five videos (plus my blog post and notable obituaries).

Stories of the Week:

A World Leader Forcefully Condemned Anti-Semitism and Neo-Nazism Yesterday. It Wasn’t Trump.

The Ingenuity and Beauty of Creative Parchment Repair in Medieval Books.

We Did the Math Wrong: That’s why on High Holidays services there are armed guards pacing back and forth in front of every temple I’ve ever gone to.

London Library today unveils 26 books that are almost certainly the original copies that Bram Stoker used to help research his enduring classic. Not copies: the actual physical books of which he scribbled notes in the margins.

The US has an HIV epidemic – and its victims are gay black men.

In Memoriam:

Pittsburgh synagogue shooting: Portraits of the 11 victims.

Who Is Danye Jones? Ferguson Activist Says Her Son Was Lynched To Death.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 10/27/2018: No one should be surprised….

Once again, time to start your word processing engines!

Looking forward to/hoping for some trick or treaters….

You should be writing — whether you join us in NaNoWriMo or not!


CAN YOU EVER FORGIVE ME? | Official Trailer [HD] :

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François Sagat / Igor Dewe – Trust Me (contains NSFW language):

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Carly Rae Jepsen – Party For One:

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Jake Shears Has Slept With a Lot of People:

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Rufus Wainwright – Sword of Damocles (Official Music Video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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