Friday Five (end of a decade edition)

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And now we have reached the final Friday in 2019. It is also the final Friday in the decade of the twenty-teens.

Today is the eighth day of my Christmas vacation, and I’m finally starting to feel rested. After my husband and I went through our stockings from Santa and opened the presents under the tree, he asked me, “Did you get everything you wanted for Christmas?” so I picked up my phone and called up so news sites. “Trump is still President, so no, I didn’t. But everything I did get was awesome.”

Meanwhile, welcome to the Friday Five. This week I bring you: five stories about the return of one of the most beloved members of an NLF team, then the top five stories of the week, five stories about deplorable people, and five videos (plus notable obituaries and a some things I wrote).

This Week in Beast Mode:

(Those of you who were not Seahawks fans between 2010 and 2105 have no idea why this is a gigantic Christmas miracle… so just skip to the Stories of the Week if the phrase ‘Beast Mode’ doesn’t fill you with excitment…)

DONE — SEAHAWKS HAIL RETURN OF THE BEAST – In a whirlwind 24 hours, the Seahawks made emergency hires of Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin..

Seahawks RB Marshawn Lynch: Being back ‘a great feeling’.

Marshawn Lynch will give Seahawks a jolt — and maybe some production, too.

CHRISTMAS FILM THAT TELLS SEAHAWKS TALE – The hype around the return of Marshawn Lynch obscures the fact that the Seahawks’ most critical vulnerability is the wounded, reeling O-line.

What’s old is new again with Seahawks, and Marshawn Lynch will be the one initiating contact.

Stories of the Week:

Archaeologists may have found the remains of a trans man in a Byzantine chapel – The monastery of Mount Athos has forbidden women for 1000 years. Researchers are wondering why they just found “female” bones there.

Lesbian moms adopt 3 brothers to keep them from being split apart.

US spy planes fly over North Korea after ‘Christmas gift’ missile threat.

Public support for Trump conviction at all-time high, poll finds.

Hallmark movies are fascist propaganda. “…with their emphasis on returning home and the pleasures of the small, domestic life, also send a not-at-all subtle signal of disdain for cosmopolitanism and curiosity about the larger world, which is exactly the sort of attitude that helps breed the kind of defensive white nationalism that we see growing in strength in the Donald Trump era.”

This Week in Deplorables and People Fighting Them:

Televangelist Gets 1008 Years For Molesting Boys.

The FBI is asking questions about former Gov. Matt Bevin’s pardons.

Christian Post Editor Quits As Infighting Continues.

Trump Isn’t Playing Chess, He’s Playing Hungry-Hungry Hippos – CNN analyst Josh Rogan points out that the only way Trump benefits from an impeachment trial is if there’s chaos.

Former Hawaii Governor Calls On Tulsi Gabbard To Resign.

In Memoriam:

Legendary Gay Adult Film Director William Higgins Has Died at 77.

Things I wrote:

Everybody knows some turkey….

Carols and Kris Kringle—the fourth day of Christmas vacation.

Another Rainbow Christmas!

It’s Time for Mistletoe and Holly.

Getting Meta and Merry on Boxing Day.


Oscar Isaac Says He Lobbied for ‘Finn-Poe’ Romance in ‘Star Wars’ But ‘Disney Overlords Were Not Ready to Do That’ :

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Rachel Maddow says if not for Impeachment, “slow-motion crash” of NRA would be top U.S. story:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

“Once Upon Impeachment,” A Late Show Animated Christmas Classic:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Adam Lambert Turns Cher’s ‘Believe’ into a Soaring Power Ballad::

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Pet Shop Boys – Decide :

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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