Friday Five (f-ing guilty edition)

Charlie Brown and Snoopy sitting on a dock looking at the night sky. Charlie asks, “Why doesn't Trump just release the full transcript of the call and have the people who could prove his innocence testify on his behalf?” Snoopy answers, “Because he's fucking guilty.”
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Is it really already the fourth Friday in January? I guess it must be.

We have been having an exceptionally wet week. Really, record-breaking amounts of rain. It’s kind of scary.

Meanwhile, welcome to the Friday Five. This week I bring you: one story that gets its own category, then the top five stories of the week, five of interest to queer people, and five stories about deplorable people, and five videos (plus notable obituaries and things I wrote).

This Week in Picard Day:

Star Trek: Picard Review: On Earth and in the Stars, an Old Captain Finds New Life.

Stories of the Week:

Wild elephant walks into Sri Lankan hotel and gently wanders around .

DDoS: Man who sold website defences pleads guilty to attacks.

You can visit a castle in Texas called ShangriLlama that’s full of adorable, friendly llamas.

FBI says ‘Bad Wig Bandit’ has robbed yet another N.C. bank.

This new dinosaur just called it: even feathered dinos were nothing like birds.

This Week in News for Queers and Allies:

Indiana’s Discrimination Against LGBTQ Families Must Stop, Court Rules.

Utah bans conversion therapy on LGBTQ children as rule goes into effect.

Empowered VA Senate Passes Host Of LGBT Rights Bills.

New Jersey Becomes 9th State to Ban Gay, Trans ‘Panic’ as Defense of Homicide.

Parents Throw a ‘Gayceañera’ to Celebrate Son’s Coming Out.

This Week in Deplorables:

Napolitano: Impeachment Evidence Is Uncontradicted.

‘Crying Nazi’ involved in ‘Unite the Right’ rally arrested by the FBI – Christopher Cantwell became one of the most familiar faces of the rally after he was featured in a documentary that showed him chanting “Jews will not replace us.”.

Dozens of anti-LGBTQ state bills already proposed in 2020, advocates warn.

Church of England: Sex is for Married Straight Couples Only.

Bank calls police on black man trying to deposit checks from racial discrimination settlement.

In Memoriam:

From Judy Woodruff: Longtime PBS NewsHour Anchor and Co-Founder Jim Lehrer Has Passed Away at 85.

Jim Lehrer, journalist who co-founded PBS’ nightly newscast, dead at 85. “As an anchor of several iterations of the NewsHour, Jim reported the news with a clear sense of purpose and integrity, even as the world of media changed around him.”

‘Naughty boy’: Monty Python star Terry Jones dies at 77.

Terry Jones, Life of Brian director and Monty Python founder, dies aged 77 – Jones, who was diagnosed with dementia in 2015, was the main directing force in Python’s films, as well a prolific creator of TV documentaries and children’s books.

John Karlen, Actor in ‘Dark Shadows’ and ‘Cagney & Lacey,’ Dies at 86.

Dark Shadows veteran John Karlen dies at 86.

Things I wrote:

Being a discerning reader: Explaining why you’re taking a pass is a valid form of criticism.

It’s not the truth that confuses kids, or, reflections from a closeted queer childhood.


These People Failed Martin Luther King Jr. Day | The Daily Show:

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YOU SAY VOTE with Jesse Williams:

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Horror Musical Instrument – The Apprehension Engine:

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THAT DON! – A Randy Rainbow Song Parody:

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Pet Shop Boys – Monkey business (Official video):

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