Friday Five (allocation edition)

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It’s the second Friday in April. And if we weren’t in the middle of a global pandemic, I would be writing this post in a hotel room because tonight would have been the first day of NorWesCon.

I decided not to cancel my vacation days, particularly given how stressful the previous couple of weeks of work had been. So Thursday morning when my alarm went off, instead of hitting the snooze and deciding whether to get up or doze for a bit, I turned it off and slept almost until noon. Goofing off for a day is just what I needed. There’s some household chores we’ve been neglecting that I want to work on the next few days, as well as some art and writing projects. Not sure how much I’ll actually get to, though.

Meanwhile, welcome to the Friday Five. This week I bring you: the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about the pandemic, five stories about deplorable people, five sci fi related stories, and five videos (plus notable obituaries and some things I wrote).

Stories of the Week:

What Everyone’s Getting Wrong About the Toilet Paper Shortage – It isn’t really about hoarding. And there isn’t an easy fix.

Here Are a Few of the Thirstiest Posts from the ‘Quarantine Pillow Challenge’.

Zoom Bugbears: What You Need to Know About the Latest Zoom Vulnerabilities, and: 10 free Zoom alternative apps for video chats.

Event Horizon Telescope: Black hole produces twisting jet.

Scientists Find 2 Mating Flies Trapped in Prehistoric Amber – The discovery was part of a haul of unusual fossils recovered from sites across Australia and New Zealand.

This Week in News for Queers and Allies:

DuckTales introduced gay dads as new characters & the web went quackers.

Children’s book author Jacqueline Wilson comes out at age 74 – She just announced her 111th children’s book, which is about a tomboy who falls in love with “the prettiest girl in class”.

Anthony Fauci calls out “extraordinary stigma” gays face while standing right in front of Mike Pence – Fauci praised LGBTQ people’s “strength and activism” during the HIV epidemic as Pence loomed over his left shoulder.

Rebecca “It’s Friday, Friday” Black comes out.

Astronaut Anne McClain’s estranged wife charged with lying about alleged ‘space crime’.

This Week in Science Fiction:

Hugo Awards 2020 Finalists.

Where To Find The 2020 Hugo Award Finalists For Free Online.

Doctor Who: Every Doctor’s TRUE Companion.

Imaginary Space Programs Are Always Better Than Reality (But Reality Is Pretty Amazing).

The Being Not Human Awards.

This Week in Deplorables:

Teen Arrested As “Zoom Bombing” Incidents Escalate.

The Far-Right Helped Create The World’s Most Powerful Facial Recognition Technology. One of the app’s associates was allegedly working on a product that could “be useful for mass deportations.”

Falwell Accuses NYT, ProPublica Of Criminal Trespass While Covering COVID. He went on conservative talk radio and said he’s gotten a local magistrate to issue arrest warrants. But turns out that it was just the Liberty U campus police…

FDA warns Alex Jones to stop telling his viewers to drink silver to fight coronavirus.


This Week in COVID-19:

Coronavirus: low antibody levels raise questions about reinfection risk.

Stunning Poll: Those with ‘Conservative News Diet’ Like Fox News Twice as Uninformed on Coronavirus Deadliness.

Experts Think We’re Flattening The Coronavirus Curve, But Hospitalizations Haven’t Peaked Yet.

Tracking the virus: US death toll tops 16,000.

Coronavirus is disproportionately killing African Americans – Early data from the US coronavirus pandemic exposes how systemic racism and inequality put minority groups at risk.

In Memoriam:

Gay police officer who proposed to his fiance in December died suddenly of coronavirus – After the Pulse shooting, he would park his patrol car outside LGBTQ venues, saying “No one is going to mess with my friends.”.

James Bond actress Honor Blackman dies aged 94.

MAD Magazine artist Mort Drucker died April 8 at the age of 91.

Phyllis Lyon, Pioneering Lesbian Activist, Dies at 95.

John Prine, One of America’s Greatest Songwriters, Dead at 73 – Grammy-winning singer who combined literary genius with a common touch succumbs to coronavirus complications.

Funerals in the Age of the Coronavirus.

Things I wrote:

Weekend Update 4/4/2020: Lying liars, flip flopping, and one funny suggestion.

What to pick?

Why do American right-wingers hate trains?

Tuesday Tidbits 4/7/2020: Grifters gotta grift.

Line up your rockets! Or, we have the 2020 Hugo Award Finalists!

Confessions of an urban transplant—or, conflicts in perceptual frameworks.


Old Gays Play It Safe During Coronavirus:

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Trump Wants Everyone to Forget He Ignored Repeated Coronavirus Warnings: A Closer Look:

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Sen. Bernie Sanders, Bowing Out Of The Race, Gently Breaks The News To Supporters:

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Brandi Carlile Pays Tribute To John Prine: “Hello In There”:

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“Truly Brave” (San Francisco Gay Men’s Chorus Virtual Chorus):

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