A giant bee-killing hornet!

Click to embiggen infographic

This is not science fiction or a horror movie!

So, there’s an invasive hornet species that’s been spotted in my state which we would really like to get rid of: WSU scientists enlist citizens in hunt for giant, bee-killing hornet.

There’s a photo on that page of a person holding one of the dead hornets and my god, it looks scary!

And it is scary, this thing’s sting can be fatal to humans who have no allergy to bees.

The hornets love to attack honey bee hives, eat not just the adult bees, but all the larva and pupae, as well. So it’s more bad news for agriculture if this species gets established.

There’s an app you can put on your phone to report sightings of invasive species. It’s also got lots of fascinating information about the invasives and how they disrupt ecosystem. Check it out!

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