Friday Five (whiny baby edition)

And here we are at the fourth Friday of October.

Not quite Halloween, just yet. I’m trying to remain calm after my husband found out that his supervisor at his workplace has tested positive for COVID-19. And I just don’t have anything to say beyond that about anything right now.

So, let’s jump to this week’s Friday Five. This week I bring you: the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about the moronic thug occupying the Oval Office, and five videos (plus some things I wrote and notable obituaries).

Stories of the Week:

Billy Porter Says To ‘Get Your Little Asses to The Polls!’.

‘Hocus Pocus’ Cast Reuniting for Halloween Special Hosted by Elvira; See the Trio Back in Their Costumes!

This House’s Halloween Decorations That Have People Calling 911.

First NASA Osiris-Rex images show incredible touchdown on asteroid Bennu.

Five more states voting this fall on legalizing marijuana – Dire budget conditions of many states increasingly aid arguments in favor of legalization.

This Week in News for Queers and Allies:

Dear SCOTUS: LGBTQ+ People Are Religious and Also Deserve Liberty.

Political candidates face uptick in anti-LGBTQ attack ads – The “homophobic and transphobic attacks” are “more frequent and more direct than we have seen in at least a decade,” LGBTQ Victory Fund CEO Annise Parker said.

One Million Moms Threatens Oreo Boycott Over LGBTQ+ Ad.

Joe Biden makes a pledge to trans people: “I believe that Trans Lives Matter” – The death of Sara Blackwood, in part, spurred former Vice President Joe Biden to speak on the “unacceptable” epidemic of violence facing transgender & gender non-conforming people.

United States to team with countries who persecute LGBTQ people for ‘pro-family’ manifesto, including ‘Kill the Gays’ bill sponsor Uganda.

This Week in the Moronavirus Occupying the White House:

Reality Check: Trump’s Accusations Are Always Projections About Himself.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused nearly 300,000 more deaths than expected in a typical year.

Can We Hope This Era Of Paranoia Is Burning Itself Out?

Trump’s 60 Minutes Interview Reveals Him To Be A Whiny Brat. My favorite sum-up of the full, unedited video that Donald released thinking it made him look good: “He keeps spouting nonsense, and she calmly explains that it’s nonsense and he just keeps getting more whiny.”

‘This guy is a dog whistle’: Biden lights Trump up after he claims to be ‘least racist’ person at debate.

In Memoriam:

Famed Magician and Skeptic James Randi Dies at 92: ‘A Crusader Against Fakes, Flimflam and Frauds’.

‘Amazing’ Escape Artist, Magician, And Skeptic James Randi Dead At 92.

Things I wrote:

Tuesday Tidbits 10/18/2020: Tornadoes, voting, scrub jays, and more.

Words and Images: Is it really only Wednesday? Because it feels so, so much later.

You’re So Cool, Brewster! — more of why I love spooky sf/f.


OREO Proud Parent:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Cruelty Was The Plan: Chilling News About The Human Toll Of Trump’s Child Separation Policy:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Trump Leaks Embarrassing 60 Minutes Interview Before Second Debate: A Closer Look:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Ariana Grande – positions (official video):

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Lauv & Conan Gray – Fake [Official Music Video]:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

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