Friday Five (lies biting the dust edition edition)

It’s Pride Month, y’all! This is the first Friday in June, which means that we are well into Pride Month!

This Friday marks two weeks since my second COVID vaccine shot, so in theory around the time many of you are reading this I will technically be fully vaccined. My husband’s second shot was some days after mine, so he won’t be fully vaccinated until next week, and I feel like I shouldn’t consider myself out fo the woods until we’re at a point where is is least likely to suffer ill effects if one of us brings the virus home. And that’s a point a lot of people elide over: even when we are fully vaccinated we can still carry the virus. We won’t show any symptoms, and some of us won’t be contagious… but there isn’t an easy way to tell whether we are, so we can still be a danger to anyone we know who isn’t fully vaccinated for any reason. So think about any of your loved ones (such as children who aren’t old enough to get the vaccine) and keep being careful, okay?

Meanwhile, we have this week’s Friday Five. This week I bring you: one headline that made me laugh, the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about Pride Month, five stories about deplorables, and five videos (plus some things I posted and some notable obituaries).

This Week’s Headline That Made Me Laugh:

Albuquerque Mayoral Event Interrupted By Dildo Drone, Candidate Punched – Sheriff Manuel Gonzales was on stage when a drone with a large sex toy flew overhead

Stories of the Week:

Meet The TikTok Heartthrob Who Flipped The Script On Gender And Age – If you do not have a TIkTok account, you may want to open one purely to follow the lipsyncing phenom who tapped into an underappreciated group – middle aged women

Almost all new COVID cases in King Co. are from unvaccinated people, experts say

What the JBS cyberattack means for your meat supply

NIH Director Hits Fox News Host For Her Disregard For Human Life – The director of the National Institutes of Health, Dr. Francis Collins, clashed with Fox News’ Martha McCallum Wednesday over her insistence on focusing on Fox News’ Wuhan lab conspiracy

What is ‘race-norming’? NFL blasted after admitting racist concussion policy

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

New Connecticut parenting bill gives LGBTQ families a sigh of relief – “We already know we are a family, and now with this bill passing, no one can tell us differently," one lesbian mom said of the Connecticut Parentage Act

Wisconsin Governor Stands Against Conversion Therapy, for Trans Youth

Portland church helps build LGBTQ+ senior housing – A church in the Cedar Mills neighborhood is designating land to help build affordable housing for LGBTQ+ seniors, which would be the first in Oregon

Meet the queer mechanics working to repair a ‘toxic industry’

Safe/Haven: Gay Life in 1950s Cherry Grove

It is nearly Pride month, y’all:

Gone West. Iconic Captures of the Golden Gate’s Gay Golden Age. 3 Queer Eras. 1 City. 50 Years of ‘Bay Area Reporter’

The ‘Kink at Pride’ Discourse Needs to Retire

The U.S. embassy at the Vatican is flying the Pride flag & the right is flipping out – Nebraska Gov. Pete Ricketts (R) is particularly incensed. His sister is a lesbian

Joe Biden issues Pride month proclamation to honor LGBTQ people “fighting to live freely” – Trump refused to issue a Pride proclamation. He sold Pride campaign t-shirts instead. Joe Biden honors the LGBTQ community instead of himself

Pride 30: The Firsts

This Week in Deplorables, Haters, and Other Evil People:

Christian Billionaires Are Funding a Push to Kill the Equality Act

Man Rescued in Colorado Mountain Pass Is Accused in 1982 Murders – Alan Lee Phillips was rescued from a snowdrift in 1982 after he signaled SOS with his headlights. The police now say he became trapped on the road after killing two women

Montana Man Faces Life On Hate Crime Charge After Shooting Into Home To “Get Rid Of Lesbians And Gays”

New York AG Petitions Kodak CEO To Testify On His Stock Buys After Secret $655M Loan Deal With Trump

Riot Suspect Charged With Attacking Female DC Cop Has Long Criminal History Of Brutalizing Women

In Memoriam:

Gavin MacLeod, ‘Love Boat’ Captain and ‘Mary Tyler Moore Show’ Star, Dies at 90

B.J. Thomas, ‘Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head’ Singer, Dead at 78 – Grammy-winning singer had hits in pop, country, and gospel with songs like “Hooked on a Feeling” and “(Hey Won’t You Play) Another Somebody Done Somebody Wrong Song”

Things I Wrote:

It’s Pride Month!

Happy Birthday, Dr. Jill!


Click on the image to be taken to the video!

Texas valedictorian goes viral after using speech to talk about abortion rights in her state Texas valedictorian goes viral after using speech to talk about abortion rights in her state

No. 45 Sweats As Cable News Speculates About Criminal Charges And A Flipping CFO No. 45 Sweats As Cable News Speculates About Criminal Charges And A Flipping CFO

A Daily Show: How Is Trump Handling Retirement? How Is Trump Handling Retirement?

Cereal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Cereal: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

Selfish Americans Delay Herd Immunity, Drunk Politicians & Can Anyone Identify Dr. Jill Biden? Selfish Americans Delay Herd Immunity, Drunk Politicians & Can Anyone Identify Dr. Jill Biden?

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