Friday Five (smothering justice edition)

We have arrived at the second Friday in September. September, that most blesséd of months, when superior people are born.

We had to turn the a/c back on in the house this week. Workwise, the Monday holiday meant that some co-workers and customers decided to squeeze about fifteen days worth of urgency and lamentations into the first couple of work days. I’m glad I have to burn off a couple more vacation days this month, just sayin’.

Anyway, it’s time for this week’s Friday Five in which I bring you: two stories that need a special category, plus the top five stories of the week, and five stories of interest to queers and our allies (plus a notable obituary).

This Week in the Destruction of Democracy:

Senior Republican demonised by Trump reveals what’s behind GOP election suppression laws: ‘They got scared’

‘They don’t give a sh-t’: Seth Meyers slams Supreme Court for allowing Texas abortion ban – Meyers pointed out how the "odious" and "contentious" ruling was made by a Supreme Court that has three justices appointed by former President Donald Trump

Stories of the Week:

Biden announces sweeping new vaccine mandates for businesses, federal workers

Howard Stern ROASTS Anti-Vax Radio Hosts Who Died, Says Make Vaccine Mandatory: ‘Fck Them, Fck Their Freedom’

The top 1 percent are evading $163 billion a year in taxes, the Treasury finds

Two new Asian giant hornet sightings confirmed in Whatcom County – The new sightings were in the same general area the WSDA found Asian giant hornet nests in 2020 and 2021

BIDEN ADMINISTRATION SUES OVER BARBARIC TEXAS ABORTION LAW THAT WOULD FORCE A 12-YEAR-OLD TO HAVE HER RAPIST’S CHILD – The Justice Department argues that the law is “clearly” unconstitutional and sets a dangerous, chilling precedent

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Opinion: My journey from anti-gay activist to LGBTQ ally – The truth is, my religious freedom does not give me the right to discriminate against my fellow Americans. Today, I support nondiscrimination protections because of my faith

Catholic schools can’t fire teachers for being gay, federal court rules – The Catholic church said that the First Amendment gives it the right to fire LGBTQ teachers, but a federal judge has said that’s a bunch of hooey

Author Shon Faye on the agonising struggles affecting trans lives more than anti-trans feminists

Gay teacher forced to quit after school banned him from discussing his sexuality

Students stage defiant walkout after teacher reprimanded for coming out as bisexual

In Memoriam:

Carl Bean, singer, clergyman and queer rights activist, dead at 77

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