Friday Five (truth bomb edition)

Welcome to the third Friday of March!

This week the weather has been having a difficult time deciding what season it is, though we haven’t had any below freezing nights lately.

Anyway, it’s time for the Friday Five in which I bring you: the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about haters, five stories about traitors, and five stories about science. Plus some things I posted and a notable obituary.

Stories of the Week:

America’s Best Christian Truth-Bombs Russia’s Worst Tyrant – Mrs. Betty Bowers against Vladdie Putin…he never stood a chance

Mounting Russian casualties in Ukraine lead to more questions about its military readiness

Biden Brings Receipts: President Blasts Big Oil for ‘Padding Their Profits at the Expense of Hardworking Americans’

Russell Wilson and His Seahawks

Fresno phishing scam dollar amount soars – and city wasn’t only victim, mayor says

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

I Know the Harm Florida’s Don’t Say Gay Bill Can Do

Lizzo comes out swinging for trans kids

ABC Poll: Only 37% Support “Don’t Say Gay” Laws

Disney workers stage daily walkouts to protest ‘Don’t Say Gay’ and demand protections for LGBT+ staff

Idaho Republicans kill bill that would have made medical care for trans youth a felony – The Republicans still made it clear they are against gender-affirming care, though

This Week in Haters and Abusers:

A school asked a hate group to review its non-discrimination policy. LGBTQ people are fighting back – “We want to make sure they are appointing school board members that will think of all students when passing policy."

Pastor of Jacksonville church arrested in raid 1 of 3 charged with capital sexual battery

New Hampshire Pastor Hit With Four New Felony Child Porn Charges

Secret Service report details growing threat of "incel" terrorism – The Secret Service found some crossover between violent incels and white supremacists

White GOP Official Tries To Force ‘Hostile Takeover’ Of Black Town – The tiny, majority Black town of Mason, Tennessee is under fierce and direct pressure from the state’s white comptroller to dissolve its own 153-year-old charter and allow itself to be absorbed into the larger, majority white, majority Republican surrounding Tipton county, right after Ford announced they would build EVs there

This Week in Seditious Treason and Related Crimes:

Jan. 6 panel obtains riot footage from film crew that trailed Proud Boys

Capitol rioter from Ross who lost job, marriage asks for leniency, but feds want jail for lies, lack of remorse – Jennifer Heinl’s husband told her not to go to the rally and filed for divorce a month after the riot

Proud Boys leader had plans to ‘storm’ government buildings on 6 January – Enrique Tarrio possessed document titled ‘1776 Returns’, with details to invade and occupy seven buildings and Proud Boys Leader To Remain Locked Up Until Trial

Judge takes unusual guilty plea from Capitol riot suspect – In bid to head off other Jan. 6 charges, Texas resident Lucas Denney pleaded guilty to assaulting a police officer

SC Jan. 6 defendant jailed for sending 5,000 threatening texts to wife, a potential government witness

This Week in Science:

How Migrating Birds Use Quantum Effects to Navigate

A new saber-toothed mammal was among the first hypercarnivores

James Webb: ‘Fully focused’ telescope beats expectations

‘Tiny’ asteroid strikes Earth testing early warning system

Sex traps can lure giant hornets to their death, study finds

In Memoriam:

William Hurt Dead: Oscar Winner for ‘Kiss of the Spider Woman’ Was 71

Things I Wrote:

Tuesday Tidbits: Gurl You’re A Mess Edition

Jean Luc Does Penance as Star Trek Picard Explores a Road Not Traveled

Finally turning off the xmas screen saver

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