Friday Five (how dare you edition)

Welcome to the first Friday of April!

My hay fever has been much worse this week than last week. I am having a very difficult time finding any energy to write or otherwise be productive once my work day has drained me.

Anyway, it’s time for the Friday Five in which I bring you: the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about haters, five stories about traitors, and five stories about science. Plus something I posted.

This Week in Things That Should Be No-brainers:

House passes bill to cap the cost of insulin

This Week in Victims of the Murder Mob:

Exclusive: Widow of D.C. police officer Jeff Smith, who died by suicide, says battling rioters on Jan. 6 "changed him"

Stories of the Week:

Ariana DeBose becomes first out person of color to win an Oscar in historic moment

BFD ALERT! Judge Rules Trump Likely Committed Crimes

Russian Troops Are Now Turning on Each Other. ‘It’s a Sh*tshow,’ One Soldier Is Recorded Telling Another

Ginni Thomas Texts to Mark Meadows Indicate She Is Several Fries Short Of Happy Meal It’s not just seditious treason, it’s batshit bonkers seditious treason!

Jan. 6 DOJ probe expands to Trump “VIPs” — and maybe members of Congress: report – New subpoenas issued by the Justice Department could "reveal if members of Congress were in on the plot" I’ve seen lots of folk online dismissing this report because, "They’ll just ignore the subpoenas" You’re confusing the House of Representative’s Committee subpoenas with Department of Justice subpeonas. If someone ignores a Congressional committee subpeona, the Committee has to vote on whether to hold the person in contempt, and then the full House has to vote as well, at which point the Department of Justice has to decide whether to convene a grand jury… right? But this is the DOJ already convening a criminal proceeding. If you ignore the subpoena, U.S. Marshalls and/or the FBI take you to jail. So this is a very different situation.

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Lil Nas X’s “baby registry” initiative raises almost $500,000 for HIV/AIDS organisations

The New Head of GLSEN on How She’ll Protect Queer Kids

Utah Students Organize Queer Prom After State Passes Anti-Trans Bill

‘Disturbing’: Biden Education Secretary Warns Florida After DeSantis Signs Anti-LGBTQ Bill Targeting ‘Most Vulnerable’

Texas school superintendent slams Attorney General who demanded she cancel Pride Week

This Week in Haters and Abusers:

2-time Maine gubernatorial candidate Eliot Cutler arrested on child porn charges

Ben Shapiro Gonna Make His Own Razors, And His Own Disney, And, And, And … Other Stuff Too

DeSantis signs "Don’t Say Gay" bill into law The lie underlying this bill is the myth that people “become gay” by talking about it. The harm that this bill will cause to LGBTQ kids isn’t a myth — it is all too real.

Child sex abuse scandal in TX foster care system should undercut Abbott’s attack on trans kids and their families

Arizona, Oklahoma Governors Sign Anti-Trans Bills Into Law

This Week in Seditious Treason and Related Crimes:

Is It Good When A Judge Says A Lawyer And His Client The President Did Crimes? Asking For John Eastman

Feds Reached Deals with Brian Kolfage, Timothy Shea

Judge Cites Tucker Carlson as Validation of ‘Actual Malice’ in Defamation Suit Against Fox News

Trump’s 8-hour gap: Minute-by-minute during Jan. 6 riot – President Trump’s time during the Jan. 6 riot is reconstructed from texts, tweets, videos, calls and more

Jan. 6 Rioter Admits to Taunting Police With Confederate Flag on Stick

Things I Wrote:

Star Trek Picard Finds the “Watcher”

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