Friday Five (fundamental rights edition)

Cyndy Lauper and Laura Dern

Welcome to the third Friday of May!

The weather continues to be unable to decide what season it is. On the other hand, lots more birds have been showing up at my bird feeders.

Anyway, it’s time for the Friday Five in which I bring you: one story about ignoring warnings, the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about an attack on a fundamental right, five stories about seditious traitors, and five stories about racism and white terrorism. Plus some things I posted and notable obituaries.

This Week in Looking the Other Way:

Nothing to See Here, Move Along Turns out that before the Jan 6 Insurrection multiple social media companies reported to the FBI and 6 other federal agencies that people were planning someing, yet none acted on the intel. Go figure.

Stories of the Week:

Buffalo shooting victims | 10 dead, 3 hurt Say their names, but leave the shooter in obscurity.

Dolphins use healing properties of coral, study suggests

Scientists discover hidden forest inside massive sinkhole in China

Fundraiser for the Movement Voter Project | Will Tell Stories For Food

Your online behavior and location are shared with advertisers 747 times a day

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Drag queen crowned prom king at Indiana high school

Campaign Seeks to Support LGBTQ+ Rights in Red States

Florida High Schooler Zander Moricz On Fighting “Don’t Say Gay”

Federal Court rules against Tennessee’s anti-Trans restroom sign law

Dear Dave Rubin, the LGBTQ community doesn’t owe you a d@mn thing. You’re getting exactly what you deserv

This Week in Fall Out from The Supreme Court Leak:

Doctor smacks down GOP Congressman who tried to troll her by asking “What’s a woman” in a hearing

‘Next We Go After Obergefell’: Far-Right Activists Celebrate by Declaring ‘We Shall Have Our Theocracy Very Soon’

The Supreme Court’s Next Targets – The conservative majority is likely to overturn major precedents this term—not just Roe

Putting Choice on the Ballot – In some key states, voters can use initiatives and referendums to secure choice and boost Democrats in November

The Ironic, Unintended Consequence of SCOTUS’s Plan to Overturn Ro – It’s suddenly far easier to access abortion in many parts of the country

This Week in Seditious Treason and Related Crimes:

DOJ: Florida Man Gave Us Fake Pardon From Trump – North Redington Shores Man Indicted In Multiple Fraud Schemes

Was a Capitol tour given by Rep. Barry Loudermilk on Jan. 5 a dress rehearsal for the insurrection?

Jan. 6 committee evidence includes official White House photos from day of Capitol riot – Investigators have pictures from the official White House photographer, adding more detail to what Trump was doing that day

Madison Cawthorn Threatens Enemies With Rise of ‘Dark MAGA’

January 6 Insurrection: One Year Later, Families Are Still Divided – This is what it’s like to be the child of a January 6 insurrectionist

This Week in Domestic White Terrorism and Racism:

This is who we are: A nation founded on racism

In Wake of Buffalo Mass Shooting 203 House Republicans Vote Against Domestic Terrorism Bill That Had 3 GOP Co-Sponsors

White Nationalist Rioter Who Stormed Senate Chamber Pleads Guilty To Felony Charge, Faces 20 Years In Prison

The Buffalo Massacre Is Exactly Why We Need to Talk About Racism With White Students – Too many white people are receiving their schooling about race from racist media

Fox News suddenly goes quiet on ‘great replacement’ theory after Buffalo shooting – Suspect was allegedly motivated by the theory, but network has barely mentioned gunman’s reasoning, even after Tucker Carlson pushed the concept in more than 400 of his shows

In Memoriam:

Vangelis, who composed Academy Award-winning score for "Chariots of Fire," dies at 79

Urvashi Vaid, Legendary Activist for LGBTQ+ Civil Rights, Dies at 63

A Pioneer in Gay Men’s Health Care Passes Away

Things I Wrote:

The Buffalo Shooter is a White Supremacist Terrorist

Some Observations

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