Friday Five (chaotic f–ing mess edition)

And here we are at the third Friday of July!

When I mentioned how difficult a time I was having trying to sift through the stories I thought important this week to get into a few categories, a friend commented, "I’m constantly amazed that you haven’t had a ‘The Friday Five – The World is a Chaotic Fucking Mess, and the 5 by 5’s is now 3125’" and I decided at least part of that could be this week’s title. Anyway…

Anyway, it’s time for the Friday Five in which I bring you: two stories about a rightwingnut making death threats, two stories about how both-sidism enables the badguys, two stories about consequences, the top five stories of the week, five stories of interest to queers and our allies, five stories about haters, five stories about deplorables of many kinds, and two notable obituaries.

This Week in Death Threats:

‘I’m Going to Kill You’: Congresswoman Jayapal Targeted in Alleged Hate Crime – "The right-wingers crying over protesters often won’t talk about their deranged supporters threatening to kill lawmakers with an ounce of care or concern," said Rep. Ilhan Omar in response to the attack on her colleague

Man accused of threatening to kill Rep. Jayapal released after prosecutors fail to file charges in time

This Week in Neutrality Enables the Baddies:

Social media networks fail to protect LGBTQ users

There’s a Strong Chance a Conservative Will Try to Kill Me Because of My Writing – In America, you’re not even allowed to acknowledge the Civil War was an act of treason

This Week in Just Desserts:

ABBA used to drown out anti-LGBTQ+ ‘bigots’ in ‘Nazi regalia’ protesting drag brunch

There Is No Constitutional Right to Eat Dinner – Claims that Justice Brett Kavanaugh had his rights violated by protesters outside a D.C. restaurant fail on originalist grounds

Stories of the Week:

‘Extinct’ Tree Is Still Alive in a Texas Park—but Barely

Far out: NASA space telescope’s 1st cosmic view goes deep

How the January 6 committee has already succeeded

Abortion Rights Supporters Are in Step With the Mainstream – Taking shots at the Democratic Party regulars who do the work is very unhelpful

Walgreens Clerk Refuses To Sell Condoms To Whore Of Babylon – Just kidding, she was a nice married lady on vacation with her husband. Not that there’s anything wrong with being a whore of Babylon!

Stories of Interest to Queers and Our Allies:

Summer of love: LGBTQ people across sports tie the knot and get engaged – People across sports, and the Outsports community, are expressing their love this summer

14 LGBTQ+ Pride Celebrations Held in Rural or Small-Town America

Most Texas, Florida voters say transgender youth should have access to gender-affirming care

Lynda Carter on Supporting Trans Community, New Music and Why ‘Wonder Woman’ is a Queer Icon

DC drag queens sprang into action as soon as abortion was overturned & they’re making a difference – The Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v Wade set off a flurry of political organizing in the LGBTQ community. LGBTQ elders are bracing for a protracted battle while gender-nonconforming queers lead the fight

This Week in Homophobia and Transphobia:

Florida school axes anti-LGBTQ bullying prevention measure because of Don’t Say Gay law – The Don’t Say Gay law says education about sexual orientation has to be "age appropriate." This school is worried that an anti-bullying video could get them sued

Man sues library board over LGBTQ & antiracism books. He has the nuttiest argument possible – He hasn’t even read the 50 books he wants banned, but he’s sure that reading Allison Bechdel’s books is the same as having sex in front of kids

Canadian LGBTQ+ youth centre attacked by extremist Libs of Tik-Tok – The hateful messaging targeting the LGBTQ+ youth centre includes death threats and other violent comments on social media

Conservative Texas Lawyer Targets PrEP Access After Abortion Rights

Republicans have ‘plans’ for the LGBTQ – especially the transgender – community if they take over Congress

This Week in Liars, Deplorables, and Seditious Traitors:

Conservatives Called an Ohio Rape Case Fake News. Now an Arrest Has Been Made – Right-wing commentators and politicians cast doubt on a report that a 10-year-old girl who traveled to get an abortion was raped. Law enforcement says the alleged perpetrator has confessed … and it gets worse: Conservatives Respond to Child Rape Arrest by Vilifying the Doctors Who Cared For Her – Todd Rokita, Indiana’s Republican attorney general, is trying to smear a doctor for not reporting an abortion given to a 10-year-old who was raped. The doctor did, however, report it

Arrest sought of Colorado clerk in voting tampering case – Mesa County Clerk Tina Peters and her chief deputy are being prosecuted for allegedly allowing a copy of a hard drive to be made during an update of election equipment in May 2021

Secret Service erased text messages from January 5 and 6, 2021 — after oversight officials asked for them, watchdog says

Former US Attorney Says ‘Strong Case’ That ‘Trump Committed 5 Counts of Manslaughter’

Judge orders Sen. Lindsey Graham to testify for special grand jury in Trump election probe

In Memoriam:

R.I.P. Monty Norman, songwriter behind the James Bond theme

Larry Storch of TV’s ‘F Troop’ dies at 99

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