Friday Five (september ends edition)

Welcome to the final Friday of September. September, the most blesséd month, when superior babies are born.

The air quality remained moderately bad until we finally got some light rain this week. There are some days in the 10-day that leave me thinking we should wait another week before putting away the two roll-out a/c units.

Let’s move on to the Friday Five in which I bring you: a story that desperately needing its headline fixed, the top five stories of the week, five stories about climate troubles, five stories about traitors & liars, and five stories about haters (plus one thing I wrote and notable obituary).

This Week in Fixing the Headline for You:

Book Thieves Lose, Authors Win in New Amazon Ebook Policy Change – Amazon will accept your ebook return, but only if you haven’t read more than 10% of the book

Stories of the Week:

‘Doesn’t Get to Tell the County What They Can Read’: Lawmaker Blasts Christian in Viral Video Attacking LGBTQ Library Books

Ancient fish fossils highlight the strangeness of our vertebrate ancestors – Nearly 440-million-year-old finds from China are of some of the first vertebrates with jaws

NASA crashes DART spacecraft into asteroid in world’s 1st planetary defense test

The Jetsons, now 60 years old, is iconic. That’s a problem

President Biden surprised Elton John with the National Humanities Medal

This Week in Climate Crisis:

Ian Again A Hurricane And Heading For South Carolina

“Hurricane Maria Never Finished Leaving Us”: The Aftermath of Fiona in a Puerto Rican Town

Pakistan floods: Children face a new disaster — diarrhea, dengue and other waterborne diseases

Typhoon Merbok spotlights Alaska’s need for science and climate-resilient infrastructure

Typhoon Noru slams Vietnam after unleashing severe flooding in the Philippines

This week in Traitors, Liars, and Thieves:

Ginni Thomas tells Jan. 6 panel she still believes false election fraud claims, chair says

Kevin McCarthy’s House GOP Agenda Rollout Goes Disastrously Off The Rails

GOP Poll Worker Charged With 2 Felonies For Tampering With Voter Equipment – A Republican, eh? How unsurprising

Trump’s Paid Speech And Tour Organizer Can’t Pay Its Bills

Capitol rioter, a ‘one man wrecking ball,’ gets 7-year term

This Week in Homophobes and Other Haters:

Bisexuality not covered by federal employment law lawsuit claims

Conservatives go full racist after Lizzo plays a crystal flute – "Lizzo playing James Madison’s flute was a form of racial retribution," one conservative pundit wrote. Liberals mocked them on Twitter

Drag Performer Sues Right-Wing Blogger Over Indecent Exposure Claims – Eric Posey, who performs as Mona Liza Million, says Summer Bushnell defamed him with a false accusation of indecent exposure at an Idaho Pride event

Doxxed Doctors, Library Bomb Threats, and Attacks on Pride Centers: A Week in Escalating Anti-LGBTQ Violence – Amid a rising right-wing tide of threats, recent incidents have sadly not been out of the norm

LGBTQ Italians on alert as right-wing alliance triumphs in election – Nationalist leader Giorgia Meloni, who is set to become Italy’s first female premier, has denounced what she calls “gender ideology” and “the LGBT lobby."

In Memoriam:

Maximilian Lerner, Whose Espionage Skills Helped Win a War, Dies at 98

Things I Wrote:

Quick birthday thought from an old gay guy


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