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‘Fessing up, part 2

When I posted earlier about my journey from my redneck Southern Baptist roots to my city-dwelling ultra-liberal gay taoist present, I phrased it as a confession, which may have seemed odd.

Because I often write about matters of conflict between some people purporting to speak for Christians and the LGBT community, and because I frequently make references to Biblical passages (sometimes quite obscure ones), and also because I have been known to construct Biblical answers to some of those conflicts, I suspect some of the folks reading my blog think that I’m speaking as a gay, liberal Christian. I don’t intend to identify that way, and don’t wish to speak on behalf of any Christians. I’m a gay, liberal taoist. And when I speak, I speak only for myself.

You might ask, why does that require a confession?

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‘Fessing up, part 1

I was working on a post, in reaction to an op-ed I read last weekend, in which I was ranting a bit.

Okay, it was more than a bit. I was probably well into self-righteous smugness. I took a break to catch up on some news, and came across another story that, as I processed it, made me realize that I was being extremely hypocritical in my rant.

I will return to the topic, and try to write something perhaps a bit less sanctimonious, because I think I have something worth saying on the matter. But before I do that, I have to make a confession or two…

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