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Rahirah comes to Seattle

I’ve known Barb for, like, ever [/Julie Brown Voice]. We began corresponding sometime in the dark ages because of our mutual involvement in ElfQuest fandom. We collaborated on some tales over the years, corresponded through various mediums, and found out we had a lot of other interests in common. I met her in person at San Diego ComiCon… back in the mid-80s. I’ve also become quite good friends with her wife, though I don’t believe that I’ve ever actually met Kathy in the flesh.

Barb, who is one of the very few people on the planet that I will admit is smarter than myself (seriously), is an extremely talented writer, artist, and essayist. I was glad we were able to at least get together for dinner when she came to town for a work conference.

I’ve known Fen for a much shorter time, having met through a mutual appreciation of Barb’s fanfic, only to discover that we were neighbors whose lives have almost intertwined several times, as we have a rather lot of mutual friends. I manage to see Fen slightly more often than Barb, but only slightly, which is really sad, seeing how we only live a few miles apart.

Fen, Barb, and Fen’s husband, Mitch, joined us for dinner at the ever-fun Chinook’s Monday night. Where I think Michael,Mitch, Fen, and I did most of the talking geeking about about computers and other gadgets.

But it was nice to see Barb in the flesh after such a long time.