Doin’ the Macarena!

My husband calls it “the pocket Macarena,” that routine many of us do when leaving home: check pockets to make sure we have keys, wallet, phone, et cetera.

My Going To Work Macarena involves checking for: badge/bus pass, wallet, phone, eyeglasses, headphones, backpack. I don’t have to check for my watch, because my arm just feels wrong if it isn’t there. Before I get to that, there’s the quick check of the backpack, to confirm it contains: lunch, iPad, work laptop, and keys.

About this time last year, I experienced a string of bad luck with this little routine. At least once a week I managed to leave the house and get all the way to work without either my keys, my phone, or my wallet. I could get through a day of work without those things, but there was at least some inconvenience without them.

I also left the house frequently without the iPod or my headphones or badge, but because I listen to music during the walk to the bus, and keep my bus pass on the lanyard with my badge, I wouldn’t get far before noticing those.

It should come as no surprise that I forget these things. Once I made it all the way to the bus stop (about a half mile from the house) before I realized I didn’t have the backpack. Which contained, among other things, the rather heavy 17″ laptop for work–which you’d think would be too heavy not to notice it missing.

I lucked out that day, and managed to catch Michael before he’d left, since my housekeys were also in the backpack.

Anyway, the fact that I kept leaving something behind so frequently last year was one of the arguments my husband used to convince me it was time to upgrade my phone. If I replaced my phone with an iPhone, I wouldn’t need to carry the iPod Touch, so there would be one less thing to keep track of.

There were other reasons the iPhone was appealing. I had become dependent upon the one bus away app, which did a decent job of letting one know whether buses were running on schedule, and whether I should keep walking of consider taking the bus the rest of the way. I had found several free wifi hotspots along my bus route, but there were times when one wasn’t available.

I still worry, just a bit, about my music player and phone sharing a battery. Which is why I have a JuicePack case for my phone. And I miss the fun of having the dual-hinge phone. It was like having a Transformer in my pocket!

But, as he so often is, my husband was right. Since combining two of my gadgets, the number of times I forget something has gone way, way down.

I’m still doing the Pocket Macarena every morning several times before I get out the door.

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