I used to do Friday Links

Before Twitter, I used to collect interesting links to news and news-ish things that I read over the course of the week, and then post them in a list on my old LiveJournal on Fridays. I called it “Friday Links.”

When I left my old job and switched to contracting, I had less freedom regarding what I could do during my lunch break. So, I got out of the habit. And people drifted away from LiveJournal. A few of us diehards still poke around there, but most of the folks who used to regularly read me there have gone elsewhere.

Now, I use my iPad to read news during my lunch break, and it’s easy to just tap and send the links to Twitter. Which isn’t quite the same.

I miss doing it. A few people who used to regularly read the old blog have mentioned that they miss my Friday Links.

So, here are a few:

Science Fiction’s Queer Problem

Image of the Day: “A Galaxy So Ancient It Shouldn’t Exist”

Elizabeth Warren Proves She’s Smarter Than A CNBC Host (Video)

Tyrannosaurus rex hunted for live prey

I Bet I Can Create A 25 Million-Year-Old False Alarm, Says Biologist E.O. Wilson

Dying Gay Man Flies to Maryland to Marry His Partner of Twenty Years (You may need a tissue or three)

The Oatmeal: How to Suck at Your Religion (some part of it will offend just about everyone, but it’s hilarious…)

Police Reports Illustrated: The Waitress and the Boiling Water (cartoon based on an actual police report)

The Wizard of Ahhhhs: note that the song is entirely a cappella. Great retelling of the movie:

And if you need some cute in your life, check out this youtube from winter before last at the Seattle Aquarium of a mama sea otter, Aniak, and her pup, Sekiu, when Sekiu was only one day old:

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