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Weekend Update 12/5/2020: Clearing out the tabs…

Instead of a bunch of links and me ranting about the news, here are things I bookmarked the last two weeks:

Gay dance duo show what it’s like to come out to your dad in “incredible” performance>:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Democracy is under threat from the White House? Must be Tuesday…

“Here is a picture of a cute puppy to show that not all of my posts are political. And the puppy wants you to know that Trump is a treasonous asshole.”

The Perils of Not Prosecuting Trump – Joe Biden is wary of a legal reckoning against his predecessor, but to let Trump go would be to sanction future corruption.

The state criminal cases are proceeding regardless of what Biden or his Department of Justice decide to do. It infuriates me that we got four years of Bengazhi hearings that never turned up any wrongdoing, but people argue that Congress should just ignore the violations of the emolluments clause of the Constitution, the bribery and corruption, the multiple violations of the Federal Anti-Nepotism Act, the multiple violations of the Hatch Act, ignoring when Russia put bounties on our own soldiers (and then lying and trying to cover up when it was uncovered), withholding medical supplies from states whose governors he was angry with, illegally sending troops into cities whose local government policies annoyed him, the crimes against humanity including children being left to die in cages…

I think at the very least Biden should call for the appointment of an independent counsel to look into some subset of the many treasonous things Trump and his cronies did.

You can’t let such blatant disregard for the law go.

Monday Update 11/23/2020: Taking their marbles and going home

“Parler is the adult version of getting mad at your parents so you move to a tent in the yard... then come back inside for snacks and t remind them you moved out.”

“Parler is the adult version of getting mad at your parents so you move to a tent in the yard… then come back inside for snacks and t remind them you moved out.”

I’m still trying to spend most of my free time working on NaNoWriMo, so here is another short post with lots of links.

Fact-Checked on Facebook and Twitter, Conservatives Switch Their Apps – Since the election, millions have migrated to alternative social media and media sites like Parler, Rumble and Newsmax.

Daring Fireball: Petulant Wingnuts Push Parler.

Daring Fireball: Parler’s Lead Investor Is Rebekah Mercer.

“The Mercers, if you’re not familiar with them, are the money behind Breitbart and other wingnut propaganda efforts.

The whole thing boils down to a “if you’re not with us, you’re against us” mentality. You’re either on board with spreading any and every bit of wingnut propaganda (pre-election: Hunter Biden’s laptop was a major scandal being overlooked by legit new media who were in the bag for Biden; post-election: the election was rigged against Trump, but, somehow, not rigged against House, Senate, and state legislature Republicans) or you’re the enemy.”

Parler says it’s the last place for free speech online. But it’s restricting speech, too – The conservative alternative to Twitter wants to be a place for free speech for all. It turns out, rules still apply.

Here’s is a screenshot of a message from one of the owners of Parler explaining just what kind of fine people are signing up for the service:

And it isn’t just people who think a photo of poop is an effective argument. Related to the article above about the Mercers funding this, it was reported back in January that anyone they identified as not being in the alt-right tank, or anyone who challenged any alt-right arguments, were being banned: As Predicted: Parler Is Banning Users It Doesn’t Like.

None of this should surprise anyone who are had extended interactions with the rightwingers who scream about free speech. Because it is clear that their definition of free speech as always been that they get to say whatever they want, and they get to shout down anyone who disagrees with them. Contrariwise, they think censorship is when other people push back on things they say, or when private citizens or private companies choose not to amplifly their opinions or allow them to use our forums for their opinions.

And when I say “our” I am including me. I just love those comments that I sometimes get from people demanded that I approve their comment full of racist and/or homophobic and/or misogynist and/or anti-semitic BS in response to something I posted. It’s my blog, I moderate comments. If you try to leave a comment it tells you that you will be moderated. If you want to spew that hatred on your own blog, go ahead. On your own blog.

If you want to have a good faith, respectful discussion, I can do that. But I’m not going to publish your irrational, counterfactual hate. And that’s all Twitter or Facebook or the others are doing when the (very inconsistently) enforce their rules. The sad thing is that Twitter and Facebook and the like actually bendover backwards to let alt-right wingnuts post their hate and vitriol. But that’s a topic for another day.

And the BS lawsuits continue…

“Trump is filling bullshit lawsuits to generate headlines. None of them will flip a single state.”

“Trump is filling bullshit lawsuits to generate headlines. None of them will flip a single state.”

I’m still spending most of my energy on NaNoWriMo, so you get another news link post:

Trump’s election ‘legal challenges’ won’t change 2020 results. Can he win by losing?

‘I have never seen this before’: Legal expert stunned by argument in latest Trump voter fraud lawsuit. And not because it’s brilliant.

Weekend Update 11/15/2020: Sore Losers and Suckers

Taking a short break from NaNoWriMo to share some more news links.

“There have been more Trump aides who have tested positive for coronavirus since the election than documented cases of voter fraud.”

“There have been more Trump aides who have tested positive for coronavirus since the election than documented cases of voter fraud.”

At least 40 in Trump inner circle have contracted Covid – who are the newest cases? – Another cluster was identified this week – and several infected people had attended the White House’s election night party.

More than 130 Secret Service officers are said to be infected with coronavirus or quarantining in wake of Trump’s campaign travel.

The Confederate flag and the MAGA brand have something in common — they both represent lost causes that lasted only four years.

Where Trump’s recount fundraising dollars are really going — Money raised to pay for recounts goes to covering campaign debts, funding future political activities and boosting like-minded figure.

Lost causes, from the Confederacy to Trump.

The Lost Cause of the Trumpocracy.

“The Million MAGA March is mostly men because they're not very good at getting women to come.”

“The Million MAGA March is mostly men because they’re not very good at getting women to come.”

‘Million MAGA March’ Falls More Than 900,000 Short of a Full Deck.

Donald Trump’s “Million MAGA March” Draws 5K People In DC.

White supremacists, far-right groups behind most US domestic terror incidents in 2020.

Roy Den Hollander was entrenched in ‘anti-feminist’ male supremacy movement – The suspect in an ambush on a judge’s family was a member of Men Going Their Own Way, who seek to avoid “the negative influence of women entirely.”.

Dragged kicking and screaming…

Continuing to put most of my writing energy into NaNoWriMo, here’s a gifset swiped from

“Trump has reportedly say to allies that he will have to be dragged ouf of the White House kicking and screaming.”

“Trump has reportedly say to allies that he will have to be dragged ouf of the White House kicking and screaming.”



I’m with you brother. Bonus if he’s in handcuffs…

So it ends in a scruffy parking lot between a dildo store and a crematorium

Still trying to put most of my energy into NaNoWrMo, so once more, not much in the way of a substantive blog post.

“I'm sorry I can't let this go: the same people who can't find the right Four Seasons want you to believe they uncovered 40,000 fraudulent ballots in Philadelphia?”

“I’m sorry I can’t let this go: the same people who can’t find the right Four Seasons want you to believe they uncovered 40,000 fraudulent ballots in Philadelphia?”

The Best Four Seasons Total Landscaping Memes For Your Viewing Pleasure.

“Witness” Featured At Rudy Giuliani’s PA Dildo Shop Adjacent Press Conference Is Convicted Sex Offender.

Moving on?

How to reuse or recycle political signs instead of adding to landfills.

Fox News Did The Bare Minimum And Finally Stopped Showing The Trump Team’s Latest Election Lies.

Rupert Murdoch ‘told Trump he had lost’ after he whinged about Fox coverage.

Elseweb, people asked how my NaNoWriMo word count was going. As you can see in the above image, not badly at all, thank you.

Finally, let’s let the great Kate McKinnon finish things off:

SNL’s Kate McKinnon and Colin Jost Totally Lose It Ridiculing Rudy Giuliani Over His ‘Four Seasons’ Trump Lawsuit Press Conference:

(If embedding doesn’t work, click here.)

Sunday Update 11/8/2020: Sore loser

“We love our contry and will MURDER innocent vote counters to prove it!”

“We love our contry and will MURDER innocent vote counters to prove it!”

2 Heavily Armed Men Found Outside Pennsylvania Convention Center Taken Into Custody As Police Investigate Threat Of Attack – Alleged Plot To Attack Philly Voting Center, Vehicle Had QAnon Stickers And AR-15 Rifles.

“I don't know who needs to hear this but counting every legally cast votes isn't stealing an election, it literally  *is* an election.”

“I don’t know who needs to hear this but counting every legally cast votes isn’t stealing an election, it literally
*is* an election.”

Pro-Trump Mobs Try To Disrupt Voting Counts In Contested States.

“Trump - the only president to lose the popular vote TWICE!”

As funny as this is, he’s actually the second president to do this, but no one remembers Benjamin Harrison.

Trump breaks 128-year record with loss, broken second time in popular vote – Donald Trump twice lost popular vote in U.S. primary elections, see records.

“When they call the first number on your lottery ticket — Stop! I won!”

“When they call the first number on your lottery ticket — Stop! I won!”

As America waits, demonstrators demand to count (or stop counting) the votes.

Trump demands that legitimately cast votes stop being counted.

“Live your life in such a way that the entire planet DOESN'T dance in the streets when you lose your job.”

“Live your life in such a way that the entire planet DOESN’T dance in the streets when you lose your job.”

Watch people across the world celebrate Joe Biden’s win.

“Liar and cheat until the very end”

“Liar and cheat until the very end”

Bitter Donald Trump a liar and cheat to the end as US election slips from his grasp – The US President falsely claimed he had won the election early on and alleged that Democrats were attempting to ‘steal’ the election – but did not offer proof because there isn’t any.

Weekend Update 11/7/2020: Biden-Harris for the win

That’s the headline I’ve been waiting for… (click for the article)

You’ve certainly seen the news everywhere else, by now, but I have a few comments…

The total is up to 279 as I’m assembling this post… (click to see the story)

So, President-elect Biden and Vice-President-elect Harris. What a wonderful thing to wake up to!

AP, major networks call presidential race for Biden.

“It’s just the networks,” a certain barely animate ghoul said in another news conference… except for weeks the pussy-grabber-in-chief the ghoul works for has been insisting that whoever is called the official winner on Election Night was the true winner. And who calls it all election night? The networks! Not one state in the union certifies their final vote until weeks after. That’s how it’s always been, because counting millions of votes and auditing the counts takes time.

But it isn’t just the networks, because yesterday Reports: Secret Service ramping up Joe Biden protection. On the news late last night (I’ve been listening while working on NaNoWriMo), a reporter outside Biden headquarters in Delaware commented that when he and the comeraman arrived earlier in the day, the amount of Secret Service security they had to go through to get to their spot was siginificantly more complicated than it had been the day before.

But let’s move on a bit…

Biden Celebrations Erupt On Streets Of USA.

Obama Congratulates Biden On “Decisive Victory”.

World Leaders Congratulate Biden And Harris.

I laughed last night when, in a segment discussing how every other losing president before the current person has graciously conceded and started the process of working with the new candidate’s transition team when the news anchor said, “…but this is undoubtably the most incompetent, corrupt administration in the history of the nation, so even if they were so inclined, are they even capable of managing a transition?”

And proving the point this morning:

Trump lawyers hold presser at landscape company; vow fight is not over in Philly and pledge new lawsuits. Let me lead with this quote, and then explain:

Trump announced his lawyers’ news conference on Twitter just hours earlier — first saying it would take place at Center City’s posh Four Seasons Hotel, only later to delete his tweet and name the correct venue: outside Four Seasons Total Landscaping in Holmesburg, in Philadelphia’s 65th Ward.

What seems to have happened is that in a rush to get people in front of the cameras to denounce what networks calling Pennsylvania for Biden, someone in the campaign was tasked with booking a conference room or something at the Four Seasons Hotel… but apparently they called the wrong business.

I am informed by my husband that people are posting screen grabs online where you can see the adult bookstore that is next to the landscaping business behind Giuliani’s head.

I mean some of it is just so stupid: they asked Supreme Court Justice Alito to stop the vote counting in Philadelphia (after lower courts had refused to do so), on the grounds that ballots which came in after the normal deadline should be segregated until the lower courts decided what to do about that fact that the governor and state supreme court had worked out a deal to had three days for the mail-in ballots to arrive because between the pandemic and all of the effort’s of tRump’s post master general to hobble the postal service, there was reason to believe ballots that should have arrived on time wouldn’t. The state responded that they had already segregated the ballots and were not counting them, yet. Alito’s ordered them to keep the ballots segregated and continue counting the others.

tRump’s team thought that was a win. But if you understand judge-speak and look at the order, Alito (who is very conservative and prone to be in favor of the administration) essentially said, “Why are you bothering me with this? They’re already doing what they ought.”

And I want to point out: they were asking for the vote counting to stop at a point where Biden was winning. The only way, at that point, for Trump to win, was not if they stopped counting, but rather if they kept counting and by some miracle nearly every single uncounting ballot was for Trump, and virtually none were for Biden.

I recognize that the narcissistic grifter in charge is screaming at people to file lawsuits and do something about it, but there isn’t anything to do. He’s lost.

EXPLAINER: Why AP called Pennsylvania for Biden.

Trump Can Try, but the Courts Won’t Decide the Election.

Trump’s last-ditch US election lawsuits not going well for president, experts say.

Of course, he’s mostly trying to stir up his base in some delusional belief that a civil war will break out and that he will win. And so far his gun-nut supporters have been more bluster (with some tragic exceptions) than bite.

Let’s move on…

Earlier in the week I was getting irritated at tRump-supporters who were throwing around the word “statistics” when they clearly didn’t actually understand any of the mathematical subjects they were trying to invoke (Because I majored in math at university and statistics/game theory is almost certainly what I would have studied if I’d gone to grad school). But I’m supposed to be doing NaNoWriMo, not write long blog posts, so I didn’t. Fortunately, Camestros Felapton came to my rescue:

The GoP War on the word “statistically”.

I Guess I’m Talking About Benford’s Law.

He has some really pretty graphs in the second one…

Anyway, I think I’m going to go out for a celebratory latte… which I hope to get in a Starbucks Christmas cup!

The Election Doesn’t End Until Every Vote Is Counted!

(click to embiggen)

(Click to embiggen)

(Click to embiggen)

Edited to Add: Reuters: Record-Shattering 95 Million Early Voted By Today.

Edited to Add 2: Since it was asked elseweb, yes, I’ve already voted. We filled out and dropped off our ballots well more than a week ago. I have verified that my ballot was received and my signature verified.

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